Ed Milliband is....

(for the sake of balance of course...)

A weak bought and paid for back stabbing cowardly sock puppet of Union Grandees who 99.9999999% of those dogs that expressed a preference think is enough to make them puke.


heard that at the beeb milliband once got lost in the revolving door,

also some say that if the stig and milliband touch would be an antimatter explosion,

and on that bombshell, goodnight!
....A politician who makes Donald Trump look attractive, makes Nixon look honest, makes Scargill look humble and Col Blimp look capable. It must be like living with Mr Benn.
Ed Milliband is like a multi storey car park, a cnut on every level, thinking about it that sums up each and everyone of the nose in the trough gravy train MPs in SW1A 0AA.
..... doomed I tell ye, dooooomed.

With all the stealth of the Red Army attacking the Reichstag in 1945, Comrade Len has been attempting to rig the ballots in another 41 constituencies as well as Falkirk. Guido Fawkes has uncovered a former Milky Bar Kid turned unionista standing in Bristol:-

Len’ll Fix It: Vote Unite in Bristol North West - Guy Fawkes' blog

Len gives millions to Labour. Without the cash, the Labour party would go bust. Because of the way the party is constituted, members of the National Executive Committee would then become jointly responsible for the debt and would themselves become bankrupt. Those who are MPs, including Ed and Harriet Harman would lose their seats on becoming bankrupt.

Ed is Len's bitch and they both know it.
Both DC and EM are out of touch with reality. The country is shagged. If you have money you go for DC if you're on welfare you go for EM, if you are like most people grafting your arse off to make ends meet you are dead in the water. There is no other choice unless you fancy UKIP and stop sending billions to Europe.
Ed Milliband is....

Someone whose face is so twisted it looks like his previous job was a Cricket Bat Test Dummy.

And I'm sure most of us would like to be the one "testing" the bat..........

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