Ed Miliband and BBC Radio 2

WTF are the BBC thinking of by employing the most tedious boring cnut ever? , he`s doing Vine`s show , whilst Vine is a snowflake bellend at least he occasionally plays half decent music and debates some interesting subjects , re tuning to local radio right now.
I guess he feels safe, it's not like you can see him eat a bacon sarnie on radio


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I thought I heard Millipede's voice.

Fuxache. Music channels play sh¡t modern rubbish, news channels are all World Cup. I may have to get CDs out of the car.
If Jeremy Vine cannot commit to his Radio 2 show, how's he going to manage when he takes over The Wright Stuff as well?
Is it going to be renamed as 'The Grape Vine' ?
Oh shite no. Not him please.
"Gangway for a Nasal 'Hofficer"
Hingeland and Thaint Gee-ordth. It'th c-c-cumming hee-owme.
Jethuth F Kerrithed.
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Could be worse, for example Andy Murray commentating on a tennis match źźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
I hear they have Arsene Wenger lined up, as he’s between jobs! :smile:
Milliband on R2 is an excellent advert for Classic FM (unless it's David Mellor, who fortunately only broadcasts on Sundays).

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