Ed Bishop dies...

Sad day for SPECTRUM fans everywhere .

Ironically, although no great enthusiast of science fiction, Bishop was much sought after for sf films. He played Commander Ed Straker in the 26 episodes of Gerry Anderson's series UFO, for which he was made to dye his dark hair blond.

He provided the voice of Captain Blue in the puppet series Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons and also appeared in the films Battle Beneath the Earth, Doppelganger, Saturn 3 and Stanley Kubrick's 2001

SIB :(
He played the skipper of the shuttle between the Earth and the Moon in 2001. His character asks Dr Floyd (the character played by Roy Scheider in 2010) about the medical quarantine of the moon base that is the cover story for the investigation of the monolith. Its only a few seconds but Kubrick made them repeat it and repeat it. Bishop reported this in an interview in a documentary about the making of 2001 and his irritation at being asked to repeat what he thought was a perfectly servicable scene still rankled years later!

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