Ed Balls – what Bayonet?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. I have just awoken from a dream that ranks alongside with my favourite Keira Knightley one, though for different reasons.

    The essence of the dream is that I am slowly pushing what appears to be a 1907 pattern Bayonet (attached to a lovely SMLE) into the quivering chest of the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families a Mr E Balls.

    He does not seem to like it and is wriggling a lot, gasping like a handed fish and cutting his fingers on the blade – which only seems to be going in a few millimeters at a time...dream lasts a loooong time :D

    What type of Bayonet would you use and on which Politician?
  2. The little known and actually quite valuable (while almost entirely useless) spike for the Mk. 2 Sten.
    Into (I shall disallow NI MLAs) ..... Blears.

    Without any appreciable length of weapon behind it.... I'll be able to smell her last fetid breath and spit in her mouth.

  3. Tony Blair with an 1800 Pattern Sword bayonet 24 inches of fun..... slowly pushed in.
  4. Jackie Smith with one of those spit roast polls then BBQ the b*tch and feed her to NuLabour at there conference.
  5. The one eyed fcukwit, with a red hot poker up his ricker. Not a bayonet, but still..............
  6. Good call!

    Nice touch!
  7. Rusty and all of the Labour ones.
  8. Jacob Zuma, not a bayonet but a stilleto, right up the jacksie.
  9. Darling and Brown with both the Martini Henry triangular bayonets I have under the stairs 17.5 inches of fun, having no wpn means I will have to hold them by the sockets. :D
  10. [​IMG]

    Just this. Dipped in dogshit. I want to make it last for days.
  11. This into Blair and Brown, two inches at a time alternately .
  12. Nice; is that a pioneer bayonet?
  13. Good old triangular profile bayonet from a Brown Bess, good twist as it enters the stomach and thats ripped to fcuk and peritonitis if they don't bleed out...
  14. German WWI Mauser Pioneer bayonet. Details of that and plenty more here:
  15. Ms Caroline Flint. I'm not that good on historical blades, but something rusty, preferably without a blood channel and slightly serrated. Used anywhere that will wipe of that smug grin and stop her effusive fibbing permanently.