I have been looking into joining the Army and I had a talk with a recruiter down at my local army recruitment office today.

He was very friendly and enthusiastic about me joining, I explained my education and he said I should defiantly go for Officer. He was about to go get the paper work and asked if I had any medical problems.

I mentioned that I had Eczema at which point his enthusiasm died and he said it was very unlikely I would get in, he then showed me the medical forms regarding medical entry which states "Chronic Eczema" can prevent entry.

Well my eczema has never been very bad and I have not actually treated it for years, right now the only sign of it on my body is at the base of my spine, which is a little red. The only reason it seems to even flare up with with long exposure to water.

It is also not the type of eczema which causes dried/cracked skin, rather I just get a red rash and that is only if a scratch it. I also do Martial Arts, so I do a lot of physical work and that has never casued it to flare up.

I have made an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow and the recruiter told me to come back on monday.

What sort of problems will I encounter with the recuitment process due to this problem?
I had already used the search function, a lot of the results seemed to be "maybes", depending on things such as eczema type (Does it result in dried/cracked skin), location on the body (Absolutly not if it is on your hands) and current treatment (Does it involve steroid based creams).

I asked here giving a more detailed description of my condition in an attempt to get opinion on my own case.

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