Hi has anyone kown of any x Cadets being able to get into the Army with Eczema my daughter was in Master Cdt this year also BTEC CLC SCIC attended 6 camps goes on every exercise eats sleeps gun oil and compo
now taking Gold DOE of to South Africa on exped the list goes on but the Army says unsuitable for service help and advice please.
Also carring the national ACF Standard at London on the 11 and 12 Nov 06

Any advice Tel 01362 656912 :(

Served 27 years myself and have never heared of anything so stupid most of my mates had open face spot wounds roten skin allegies the list goes on one pi**ed of father.


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Difficult one...
JSP 346 (the one which defines the medical paremeters for entry into the Armed Forces) is slightly hazy, saying that if there is active eczema on the hands, it's a definate no-no. Also dependent on whether, and what, medication is being used to treat it.
But some doctors do... "overlook" certain cases.

I was overseeing the medical examinations for entry to our Unit this year, and still have a copy of the JSP kicking around. I can PM you the exact paragraph if you want.

yes mate u will be ok i have a bit of exzema and i am gettin in fine and i even showed them it

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