Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ~slither~, Jul 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi, I've for the past 3 weeks been waiting for a date and time to have my medical and physical examinations in Lichfield. This morning I recieved a letter saying:

    'We are in reciept of your health questionnaire completed by your GP.

    After considering the information given, I regret to inform you that as you have a history of hand eczema with the last reported symptoms June 2003, you are currently below the minimum standards for Army entry.

    Current regulations indicate that your application should be deferred until you are five years free from skin problems without the use of treatment and no recurrence.

    We understand that this is a dissappointment... blah blah blah yada yada yada.'

    Would I be correct in thinking that this is one BS reason for me not to enlist???? I have had it flare up once since the said date, but it has never been a problem for me and never covered more than just over an inch on my little finger.

    I'm completely gutted at recieving this letter, tbh I've turned my life around in the past six months. I've gone from an 18 stone, smoking, binge-drinking, pot-head to a 13 stone non smoker of anything, regular gym-goer. I had a goal, that was to get fit and join the best army in the world.
    To say I'm gutted that a little bit of eczema has stopped me at the last hurdle before my training starts is a bit of an understatement.

    Is there anything I can do, apart from wait another 3 YEARS till the date when they say I can re-apply?

    Any advice appreciated, Thanks in advance. Dan M
  2. I should add, that when I was an infant, approx 13-14 years ago, I had exzema on my forearm. It is that long ago I can't remember it, but my mother has just informed me of it.
  3. The last reported eczema was in 2003 on your medical records so you will have to be clear for 5 years for them to considder your application.. I know its bollox but they cant run the risk af agravating a condition you have unless they can be sure its cleared up.
  4. Never tell the army about petty medical conditions that may prevent you getting in.
    Eczema, hay fever, cat allergies, etc.
    Do not tell them.
    Petty conditions like them do not affect your performance as a soldier, unfortunately the army doesn’t agree.
    Once you’re in and you’ve past your training, if the army found out about your Eczema they would be loathed to get rid of you.

    Of course honesty is always the best policy and there are medical conditions that will affect your performance as a soldier.

    Next time use your common sense to get round the red tape.
  5. i think it was his Gp that done him in
  6. Get your GP to write a nice little note explaining how it wont be a problem then appeal.