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  1. Dear medical types,

    How does having palmar-plantar dermatitis affect one's chances of successfully passing through the Reserves Mobilisation Centre at Chilwell?

    Current state of condition requires daily moisturisation with prescribed creams (non-steroidal).

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Apologies, bit of a brainfart there.

    I meant to specify that I was referring to how palmar-plantar dermatitis will affect one's medical assessment at Chilwell.

  3. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    50-50 I reckon! Depends which MO you get.
  4. Are you a chef?
  5. Claire midia,

    Not a chef, no.

    My screenname suggests ALS, but am actually infantry.
  6. Furthermore, does dermatitis constitute a ground upon which I risk being medically discharged from the Army?

    Not the way I wanna go.
  7. Don't tell them if its not terribly apparent....

    Do you think it will cause you problems...gun oil, hand to hand knife fighting etc

    I'm blind as a bat, I just didn't take my contact lenses out for the medical!!

    6 1/2 years in and no problems

    Does this make me terribly irresponsible

  8. Gimp, roger that, out.