Eczema - deferred entry

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by tommot, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Hi - just got refused at final selection on the grounds of eczema - nothing active, just thinned skin from when I was an infant (now 16).

    Do I have any right of appeal since my everyday life is totally unaffected by it? If so, assuming I have to prove my case, what sort of info do I need to get & what do I do with it? I have not visited a doctor in 10 years abot it, have no prescription nor do I use, or need to use any creams etc.

    12 years of wanting & waiting - is it all over before its started?

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated as I really do not want to go to college in September!

  2. I imagine the reason why you were deferred is because the thiness of skin may leave you more suseptical to cut injuries.

    have you spoken to your recruiter at your AFCO for help?

    Maybe a report from a skin specialist (Idont know what they are called lol)
    May help in an appeal if the report shows no reason to be barred entry

    Hope everything gets sorted mate

    In the meantime get enrolled in to college for the time being,at least if they do do a U-turn on the descision then it wont look like you have been a bum in the meantime,you can always break abd run from college to join up-Who knows you may like it there and gain some qualifications and become a Rupert.
  3. tommot, Find out the EXACT reason that you were deffered and on what grounds/diagnosis. What you need to do is diprove what the doc is saying. Get yourdelf an appointment with a Dermatologist, privately or via refferal by your G.P. Don't know what the army view on 'thinned skin' is but you might be able to overturn the decision if you can prove that your skin is up to standard and disease free. Once you have collected your evidence, compose a letter eplaining what you want to happen and address it to the Senior medical bloke/woman at the ADSC. They will have to discuss your case with an occupational health specialist and then decide the next step. If you have been deffered and not failed then when is the earliest that you can reply if at all? The very best of luck to you.
  4. Good luck on your enquiry Tommot, hope it comes good for you...

    Gents on a similair vein, i know of a yong lad, keen as mustard and gagging to join, who has been deferred due to hayfever!.. now i know blokes when i was still in who practically f ucking died every summer, is this really grounds for refusla now? seeing as theres not much pollen in the Desert/mountains ;)

    Any advice i could pass onto this lad would be helpful as to say he is devestated is understatement of the week.
  5. For OR entry, the attitude towards eczema seems to be varied depending upon the MO you see. For officer entry, any eczema over the age of four is not acceptable.

    My advice if you suffer from atopy/allergy is to lie and make sure you can get a consultant/GP referral saying you don't have whatever condition you have. If it's already been to Medical then it may be necessary to join a different service, lie about ever having had something like hayfever and then transfer over later on in your career path.

    In the future it's actually going to be a real problem as they reckon about 15-20% of kids now will have some sort of eczema/asthma/hayfever type problem (Type I hypersensitivity as it's known in the business).
  6. Hi - just an update. say GP yesterday, who has confirmed in writing that i have been symptom & medication free for 10 years!
    I now am trying to compose a suitable letter for the SMO. Might add that noone actually looked at my arms, just the paperwork & deferred me!
    GP has said that I am no more likely than anyone else to react to adverse conditions & that the eczema is now regarded as infantile & he said that really no need to declare it anymore! Great help now its declared. Still at least my integrity will not be in question.
    So what sort of a letter do I need to write? Any help appreciated.
    Thanks again,
  7. Dear Sir, I wish to apeal aginst the decision to deffer my entry to the Army on the grounds of having had eczema. I feel that not enough information was provided and would ask you to reconsider the decision taking into account evidence supplied by my G.P. Something like that should do it. Make sure that your appeal letter and the one from your G.P are sent fairly close together. I see no reason why you shouldn't get in, now that all thats been cleared up. Best of luck.
  8. Glad to hear there may be light at the end of the tunnel

    Good luck with your application
  9. I had a small bit of eczema in august 2011 and i have been deferred for 3 years! I'm trying to appeal.

    I'm writing a letter, getting my GP to update my medical notes and i am attaching pics of my inner elbow ans eyes!

    Any advice???????????
  10. I knew a bird who had really bad eczema all over her body………cracking set of tits though!