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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Steel_City_Blade, May 19, 2008.

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  1. From reading the forum and using the search function (from which I have read every thread with the word eczema in it) I note that eczema is a big no no for joining up.

    I can control the condition with steroid creams and can maintain this whilst being outdoors (I am a Scout Leader and have lead week long camps and expeditions for teenage boys and girls (I've heard most of the paedophile jokes already)). I acknowledge that this does not compare to the length of time and the conditions that our soldiers are exposed to on a tour but without having being on one it is all I can use to show that my condition does not become uncontrollable whilst living outdoors. I can see that they would argue that if I was on a tour I would not always be able to get the required treatment. But I really cannot see how the British Army would not have a Medical Base able to prescribe me the creams I would require. I also often go months and months without any sort of flare up and should it flare up it would not be something that I could not deal with without treatment until I was back at a Base able to prescribe the treatment. My medical record would probably show that over the past few years I made have required one treatment per year.

    I am currently eating healthily, whilst doing cardiovascular and weight training (maybe the eczema is down to me being a fat cnut) and am a month or two from being able to do the run at a pace I would be happy with.

    Now I expect that when I complete my medical forms and my GP completes hers that I will be refused on medical grounds.

    Now that all of the background is out of the way I have two questions.

    1. Has anyone ever appealed on the grounds of eczema and shown their ability to control this? If so, what was the outcome?

    2. If I have to show that I have not had the condition for a set period of time and have required no treatment during this time what would they do if I was to develop the condition whilst at Phase 1, Phase 2 or on a Tour. Would I be medically discharged for having Eczema once in the army?


    Steel City Blade
  2. Hey mate check out my thread on this subject already, I have already passed ADSC, 3 army medicals with specialists and a Leading skin care GP and they say i am good to go the medical wing are currently "reviewing" my case at the moment and all goes well i should be given my date.
    read this thread :

    Wher about is the exzema, how big etc.

  3. There was a lad in my Squadron who joined up with it and saw out his career. On a bad day he resembled a burst box of bran flakes, but it never stopped his career. You may wish to take a walk down to the Careers Office and get it from the horses mouth mate instead of relying on this site which is famed for its innaccuracy.
  4. Thanks for that guys.

    I just think if I could get in then I would be able to show that I can control it.

    Reading the thread above people seem to be in the TA with the condition but refused entry to the regulars. I always presumbed that the Medical for the TA was the same as for the Regular.

    If I can join the TA and then use that as a window to get in to the Regular using the "Well it hasn't flared up while in the TA" line.

    It just seems so unfair that a condition that I think I and the Army could control might prevent me from joining up and doing the only thing I want to do.
  5. my situation is 100% the same as yours mate. I have had and still have eczema which has been controlled by steroid creams and ridiculous amounts of any kind of moisturiser i can find.

    i was turned down on my paper medical...."i'm in the T.A never been a problem, very mild eczema. here is a letter from my C.O and doctor to back me up"

    response was, ok come to ADSC (selection) and we will have a look. I was then forwarded to a specialist in London who eventually said NO.

    I was told i cant join and will have my status in the T.A reviewed.

    I couldnt agree more mate with your last sentence. i know someone in the T.A with epilepsy FFS and a little bit of eczema is going to stop me getting in????? The one thing i can advise is treat it the best you can for any medical you may have to go to. If you get turned down on a paper medical APPEAL APPEAL APPEAL!!!

    Good luck
  6. I think they look at it like..

    In somewhere like Iraq, would the sun make it worst, aggrivated?

    And would you really have time to apply your cream?

    I don't know, im just try to help you understand why they might say no, but as a previous poster said, get confirmation from someone at your ACIO.
  7. just thought i should reply. i have just been accepted at adsc for signals. i have mild exzema, i have had two medicals before and passed them both. go in confident, and most importantly don't stress bout it before. i know it's stupid to say and i hate it when people say that.
    unfortunatly the doctor you get on the day is important, some seem to care less than others. Rule of thumb if they can't see it they will pass you. Even a little is ok my doc saw a bit on my arms and said i was fine. good luck guys
  8. I applied to become an officer in the Royal Marines in October last year. I got a phone call on Thursday telling me I am P8 and that I can apply after 3 years symptom and treatment free.
    I'm totally gutted and it has been my dream all my life. I personally, having experienced the forms and medical etc, would, and will be lying on my next medical forms.
    I am going to Whiltshire in three weeks for my Army Officer selection briefing and when I fill out the forms, I won't be disclosing eczema.
    My GP from the start has said that the degree and severity of my ezcema is negligable. I appealed the first decision in January and it has taken this long to decline me.

    Sorry about the essay, once you get going on a rant you just can't seem to stop yourself!

    My advice...

    If your eczema isn't worth worrying about and you can hide it, don't put it down!!!!
  9. Don't go for a commission and lie mate. If you are found out, your integrity will be shot out and that's a big no-no.

    It's not worth lying, seriously, don't do it.

    Tell the truth. Have you bled all the lines? What about the TA or the RMR? A couple of years in the TA and a deployment would strengthen your argument, particularly if you didn't have another flare up.

    Seriously though mate, don't apply for a commission and lie on the application form. Omitting to declare is also considered lying.
  10. If you lie and are found out you might be binned for good, not just deffered for 3 years. Would it really be worth it, to go through everything only to be chucked out?
  11. unless it's really bad, which it probably isn't, keep your trap shut and blag it.
    my best mate failed regulars medical because he declared it, he is now in my regt (TA) and he didn't declare it, needless to say, he passed. if you in yourself don't consider it to be a big problem, and it's not likely to affect your operational effectiveness, just don't mention it. the chances of it coming back on you are virtually nil, and if it does, well, at least you had a crack at the whip.
  12. Eczema may seem like a mild skin problem but i have seem many people become useless on tour because their skin has flared up so bad they cant put their osprey on let alone go on patrol or driving tasks for 20 hours.

    It may not seem that bad in the UK, but try sitting in a sauna fully clothed and say it does not flare up. Medical bases are close by, but not all people are lucky enough to be close to them for a whole tour.

    Dont lie because you will just become one of those problem children who cant do anything for the troop and just be med discharged. and if so it will be your fault as you lied, thus no pay out.

    I knew a soldier who developed eczema after 10 years in the army thanks to what equipment he used, he was in the RLC,he ended up not even being able to wear boots so was discharged. full pay out

    Normal civvi street isnt the military, the equipment and extreme environments you could end up dealing with will probably cause the eczema to get even worse, not just being outdoors.

    Except that you can join and deal with it! sorry.
  13. I hope all of you eczema sufferers do not organise an ARRSE swim-mathon.

    Unless of course you like swimming in porridge.
  14. My youngest has eczema and I found this piece on a site I quite often use.

    Eczema and asthma are very closely related. The skin is known to be the third lung. In individuals who have weak lungs, eczema may easily develop into asthma.

    Don't mean to be a killjoy but maybe it is something you may want to consider for the future
  15. throbber. You show all the characteristics I'd want in an officer...
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