Ecw over boot

Can anyone who has used the issued ecw over boot tell me
What they are made of?
Are they waterproof?

Need something to cover my mukluks if it warms up whilst in the Arctic circle next year.
Don't want to have to pay out £££ for pac boots and carry the extra pair.

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Can’t tell you the issue ones but the people in the know use Berghaus yeti atak gaiters.
Decent pair of boots underneath and you’ll be reet.
Already got a set of lowa combat gtx and yeti gators.
But they won't work below -20
Way too cold and my feet will sweat then freeze.

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Are you talking about the big, insulated ones with a studded sole? If yes, I'll ask around and see if anyone remembers later.

If they're the ones I'm thinking of, they're definitely waterproof. Knew of plenty of blokes wearing them instead of boots when we were leaguered up. On the other hand, I'm not sure how well they'd pack down.

EDIT: Googled them up:

NEOS overboots

If I remember rightly, the only complaint anyone had is that if you wear them without boots inside, the tread hurts your feet.
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