Ecuadoran President challenges Bush

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Mar 15, 2008.

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  2. To be honest... IF Correa really wanted to do something about the FARC he could. There is no effective military campaign in North Eastern Ecuador, just a bit more security. It is very much treated as a Columbian problem and all of Ecuador would not want to take this on, cerrtainly not to the level that Columbia does... Which is amusing considering Correas 'Latin solidarity' tone... such muscle against US statements is seen as a good PR move for national politics in a land where Che is reveared higher than the Pope.. but of course the barking never gets loud enought to cause the US to withdraw its interests or aid that are probably the biggest factors of stability in an otherwise unattended economy.
    Traditionally Ecuadorian poloticians are too bussy imbezzeling themselves in corruption and doing there bit to **** the country up just a bit more, never delivering on any promises while the ritch get ritcher and snootier, and the poor poorer and defeated.
    La cultura latina, macho in polotics too, in the end big talk but they're full of shit!
  3. Criticised if they send troops; criticised if they don't send troops.

    You'd think that these people just like to whinge randomly about the US, wouldn't you?
  4. I say The Department of Defense keeps its people in the US and does what it says on the tin.