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Discussion in 'Economics' started by sebcoe, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Contrary to popular belief, stop the shrinkage the Govt needs to cut taxes, spend on captal projects with UK companies & a UK workforce.

    Stop putting fuel fact cut it therefore things should get cheaper.

    Introduce " Get the Lazy bastards back to work" scheme...digging canals, cleaning up national parks etc and get £30 more than your benefits for a 38 hr week.

    Cut VAT on British produced Goods and add it to foreign imports.

    Cut the price of British beer, get people to get out more, more pubs, employment up.

    Introduce major investment for British manufacturing, but **** the Unions of at the high port!!

    There a lots of thing I think can be done .

    So why cant the Govt of the day see it?
  2. Mainly because you are just typing whatever ropy shit comes into your head happy in the knowledge that you would never have to enact any of it.
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  3. And you would do what then? perhaps you should become an MP and join the rest with no real ideas, up until two months ago i was lobbying Govt with regard to alternative fuels that would have created a lot of Jobs, so from my part I have tried.
  4. Eh, two pints of what your drinking!!

  5. Strangely enough,a lot of people in Manufacturing,and the City,are trying to work out where the ONS got their figures from.

    Unemployment is going down,by the same token,the number of people in employment is going up,manufacturing,and exports,whilst not wonderful,are creeping along,Jaguar has just announced another 1,000 jobs being created,and the BBC is drawing comparisons between now,and the Depression in the 30's,so things must be on the up,the Beeb has never got it right yet! :eh:
  6. The Beeb are wrong, totally do you see pictures of fat poor people in the 1930s?
  7. Surely this can't be right? Look at all the money we are spending on the Oylimpics.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    surely the gdp figures are skewed due to the euro crisis and bank issues, the mess up in exchange rates, 20% drop in gold price, oil price dropping, QE 1,2 and 3 will all slow stuff down.
  9. But how much money has come back through the system? say a steel fixer on £10 an hour, 40 hrs per week =£400 -£120 tax & NI (approx), He's taxed on fuel for his car, beer, food, council tax, so out of the £10bn spent on the Games the Govt got a lot back, not to mention construction company tax on profit Etc, Etc, Vat on materials...the List could go on, Joe normal complains about the cost, but nobody tells him how much was recouped by the Govt.
  10. Bet you any money that Gideon blames it all on the extra day off for the Jubilee. Whilst conveniently forgetting that we, i.e not the scroungers, all just worked an extra day for free on Feb 29th in the last quarter to make up for it and that got us nowhere

    Answer = stop buying Govt debt back of banks with made up money because they still won't lend and put the quantitative easing cash into an infrastructure improvement programme. Improve schools, housing, roads, rail, ports whatever as long as it is money that has to be spent here.

    Cut employers NIC, cut VAT. Accelerate the Universal Credit & Personal Independence payments implementations.

    A radical programme of work to consolidate and optimise all Govt IT infrastructure would be great too. A ten year plan would deliver ongoing savings and help me pay my mortgage off quicker.....

    Get some demand going then ease the taxes back on slowly
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  11. the thin ones ate them
  12. My point exactly.

    The Beeb,are quoting figures from,a public sector organisation,that has to justify it's budget from time to time!

    The ONS has produced figures that baffle,some very clever people,regarding the state of the economy!

    So,a bit like the Beeb,telling us that the JRF,has produced figures,informing all and sundry,that there are shitloads of poor people in this country,and that we should feel sorry for any family that can't survive on £36,000 p.a.,yeah right. o_O
  13. Instead of using Quantitive Easing to re-finance banks which they then seem increasingly un-willing to lend on (but still mange to pay massive bonuses) why not use QE to reduce taxes and lift people out of the lower rates of tax. Money in pockets encourages spending which boosts the economy. Combine with a freeze in benefits and work at national minimum wages would become financial viable if not essential.

    Oh, and stop giving money away to other countries wherever possible ("we'd like to help but we're broke, you are still our competitor and until we can afford to throw away money your not getting any. Besides - most of you have never hesitated to screw us in return for trying to civilise you") I really should have gone into the Diplomatic Service!
  14. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The QE has mainly gone into gilts, thereby financing the UK gov directly and reducing its borrowing costs - how they use it you will need to take up with them.

    The bank support is another matter entirely.
  15. As with all economies we are reliant upon what we produce, not what we cut out. There has been an increase in public spending although not where the media likes to score points. The GBP £ has been in its nice little exchange rate range since the 2008 market slump so imports and exports work both ways so I fear that until we start producing more of anything that is in respectable world demand our GDP is not going to improve. Not good news for those with assets but could be good for those looking to start because right now everything is in a buyers market.