Economist article on developments in American training

Discusses changes in American training...
The Key message seems to be that they've adopted many British techniques.

Although I've never heard of a British equivalent of this...
Tips from the ground
The signs are mixed, but encouraging. Take, for instance, the way the army is involving all its soldiers in setting TTPs—the tactics, techniques and procedures that define how it acts on the battlefield. The idea is that every TTP—be it the appearance of a new sort of bomb in Baghdad or a new way to disable one—holds lessons for army doctrine, training, appropriations, research and development and so forth.

Every brigade in Iraq and Afghanistan now has a secure intranet page, which soldiers are encouraged to fill with observations and queries. Early this year a secure online chat-room, the Battle Command Knowledge System, appeared. Besides circulating thousands of tactical questions and answers, it can help soldiers find technical experts, learn foreign languages, contact counterparts in the war zone, or squint through the web camera of an armoured vehicle in Iraq.

American soldiers at the CTCs are shot with lasers and Hollywood-quality special effects; in mock battles at Tin City, a fake town in the Kentish countryside, unlucky British soldiers are ignited with petrol bombs.
They do training? Thats news to me...........Must be a first.

W**ker in charge at Big HQ in his 2 page whinge about tailored bush hats and drinking water out of water bottles whinged that we looked scuffy and wanted us to look as smart as septics do. Comments along the lines of "Does that mean we can shot his Range Rover up?" were heard.....

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