Economics topic not showing on tapatalk

Not sure I'd this is just me (also not sure I'd anyone else would care either), but it doesn't look like the economics topic appears either in the hierarchical list of topics, or inn the a-z view by name.

Not sure how your integration to tapatalk works, so it struck me a little strange.

(individual threads show up in a search for economics, soo I'm guessing its just some tapatalk integration wierdness)


P.s. On the database front, no idea how your physical hosting is setup so feel free to ignore, but is it worth trialling by using an aws rds mysql instance to try out a larger box without forking for permanent kit?

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Works ok for me now - I wonder if there is some sort of cache at work here?

We've looked at a number of cloud hosting options before (including AWS) and continue to monitor them. We do however like to control our own hardware, backups, security etc which is one of our principal reasons for sticking with our own servers.
Thanks for checking. I suspect you're right on the caching, its showing up now for me.

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