Economics of signing up!

Absolutely HATE to have to come on here and ask this as all I want to do is join up and soldier on.

My situations is;
I'm 21 and currently in the never ending process of joining the army from the rep. of Ireland, I would like to join an Irish reg. (inf)

However, I have a partner an child and I am their sole provider. Despite all my romantic ideals of joining up I need to know I can still provide for them while they live in Ireland (I'd assume atleast the first year of my career potentially)

What I want to know is if anyone on here is in a similar situation and is it manageable?

I thought if I chose 2 rifles based in ballykinler in N.I it would be easier to commute/support them however I'm somewhat ignorant of the current threat to catholic people serving up there. Would this be ridiculously dangerous? Will they be based there for the foreseeable future?

If you've read this far, thanks.

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I tried to join the df last year, got to Medicals and they lost my file before I got a date. I'm already in the rdf and have the utmost respect but at this current time with things the way they are the df offers little to new entrants.

I know the threat is there but why should those scumbags stop me from fulfilling a lifelong dream. If I keep my wits about me and stay on top of my persec I'd hope to be fine. It's an issue that still concerns me tho.

I suppose the real question is will I be able to support them from the uk? I'll defiantly marry and have them live with me eventually but for the time being with schools and college etc. I can't pull them away just yet.

Anyone else have to support or know anyone who tried a similar route?

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Has she got a firm family support base around her?

First off the bat, you are going to Catterick. You wont get back that often during that 30 odd weeks.

How long do you need to wait for schools and college?

Remember that 2RIFLES could move from NI, and could go on exercise in places like UK, Canada, even German and other locations. So I wouldn't just think about security when thinking of going to NI.

There are a fair few Irish (as in Eire) in RIR and IG.
hmm i could give you some info if ya wanna PM me mate... British army ain't all that though! even the guards and the RIR! then again it's a darn sight better than the shower that thats back home.... i have many jealous mates who took the draft i got offered for the Irish army in 2011 and are thinking of following in my footsteps.... join the Royal Marines lad! tis where the fun is :)

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