Ecology Wars

As a counterpart to the old Water Wars thread, here is a what is perhaps a view of things to come- Nicaragua's 'Ecological Battalion-' The first of many, perhaps, as nations begin to use their militaries to protect their environmental assets as a matter of state security.

BBC News - Nicaragua bids to stem deforestation with eco-soldiers
The Brazilians & I believe, Indonesia, have similar groups, but appear to be fairly unsuccessful at stopping the deforestation in both areas!
The PLAs General Logistics Department has an overarching organisation for arranging similar effort, the Environmental and Afforestation Committee. Military Regions were also doing 'green' deeds like planting trees on an ad hoc basis for some time until it was formalised in 2004. It's part of the 'loving the people' doctrine that underpins their relationship with the general population, along with inter-related fields like flood engineering, disaster relief and infrastructure construction.

I guess with a wider definition of 'national security' it makes a certain sense to have the existing security assets responsible for it. In Blighty, it'll be put out to tender - which means we'll pay a phenomenal sum to BAe for the privilege of having wet feet all year round.

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