For the people that know, there was a big drama when 238 moved from chelsea, they knew they had to go bit no one knew where. Finally now merged with 251, they now have to set off really early for their public duties in London. Great Idea from the top brass
Yum yum, bulling boots, standing to attention for long periods and all that jazz ANNNNNDDDDD getting up at silly o'clock.

Where do you sign up? :p
It used to be one of the best units in the Signals, but it all changed when there was a change of most of the hierachy at the unit. Now merged and yet again another new load of bosses trying to establish their power on the unit making the soldiers even further unhappy in their job.
ECM (FP) Sqn is brill! Yesterday was just about the funniest day I can remember. If you fancy a good job in a great Corps unit, get your PPP in for the Sqn. There are loads of empty PIDs and we're probably not moving for ages.

One In All In (the bin that is!)
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