Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Fatwood7, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Alright everyone?

    I've nearly finished my trade training at Blandford and recently got my posting to ECM in Northern Ireland. Im a Sys Eng Tech. but no one can tell me about the posting... Was just wondering if anyone has been posted there and what its like working there? I've been assigned to A Trp thats all I know.

    I used to live in Northern Ireland so I know what the country is like I'm just after some info on the job and oppertunities... I did Lanyard with 11 Signals Regt. but I dont think ECM put a team in... does anyone know if they train for it or even enter it?

    Thanks for any help and I understand due to the sensitivity of the subject of ECM it might be hard to offer some info but anything is welcome!

  2. Fatwood, have you tried asking your 11 Sig Regt troop staff about it? I'm pretty sure there must be some guys in Blandford who could advise.
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    How about phone them and speak to another person of your trade in the unit? Best way to get introduced and get a heads up about whats happening out there.
  4. get in touch with 11 EOD fella and ask for the sigs there.
  5. Finished in the squadron last year. Top lot, top job. Cant go into specifics on this means. PM me for details if you want.
  6. Be prepared to deploy - at least twice..

    Sqn is now part of 10 Sig Regt. The Regt put forward a team for lanyard trophy. You might be able to take part if you are in the UK (I'm currently in TELIC).

    Sqn is undermaned so be prepared to be busy.

  7. I reckon you could possibly sell the unit slightly better.
  8. a lot of us know here that we dont need what we are being taught to a certain degree but a lot of us dont even know what a technician does day to day for a job (obviously it will vary from unit to unit) but i understand that when i go to ECM it might be different from what ive been taught so i am prepared for that

    As for the tours we were told 4 months on and 4 off. is that true? like ive mentioned its hard to get any info and people hear from people so the info might not be reliable at times.

    Does anyone know about the accomodation and the name of the camp and so forth? i heard the accomodation is a bit crappy and to watch out for sandhurst block as its the worse but again this was from someone who heard it from someone

    cheers for all the info so far tho its helped get a better understanding than before!
  9. The unit is not to bad - located in Thiepval Bks Lisburn - see Thiepval Barracks in Lisburn

    Its not on any map (except google maps eg eg ) so you should be able to find it

    if not here is the address allukbusiness

    I would like to point out to the OPSEC police that I am just pointing to information that is already on the net!

    For other info look at 10 Sig Regt

  10. Found the barracks thanks to your info. As for checking out the 10 sigs site there is hardly anything but i imagined that due to the sensitivity of the subject

    does anyone know what the accomodation is like for LCpl and Sigs there? seems to be the only thing i dont know yet

  11. So how do you (and the rest of a lot of us) know that you wont need what you are being taught?

    You aren't taught anything that you wont need. Otherwise it wouldn't be taught.

    Don't listen to those who feel anything that is likely to be boring to teach or in some way hard to comprehend is not really needed in your job. You will be most surprised by what is neccesary.

    And yes, you will more than likely need to know it for your class 1 so don't burn your books just yet.
  12. when i say a lot of us i refer to my course and we know that you will need it for class 1 but as a class 3 technician a few of us have been told by other technicians that we wont need what weve been taught just yet... i think ive said something but meant something else lol its interesting stuff and i love the trade (compared to others on the course) but i think we need to be told more about our trade in the field because some people sell it as a shit trade and others sell it as the almighty trade of the corp...

    its hard to find a happy medium but if you know anything about the trade in the field then i would love to know cause im stumped
  13. The T3 is not a course purely filled with info for T1 mate.

    You will need what you were taught as a SysEngTech in the field army.

    Otherwise when you are up to your nuts in wires trying to coerc a bit of kit in to action, you will not have a clue what all the wiggley bits and coloured things do or are supposed to do.

    Then I, or someone similar, comes up and rips you a new one for not getting the comms in.
  14. Not really, though it serves as a good foundation.

    Four words of advice from Mr Miyagi: "Box out, box in" :)

    And four more: "On the job training" :p
  15. What about "Box Broke, No More spares, time to be a real tech again, oh wait can't cos I don't know how to use a Soldering Iron"

    If you actually sit and think about it you use a lot more of what you were taught on your T3 than you actualy realise.

    Think about it this way. Although you don't get taught the ECM kit on your T3 it still uses the same basic principles. If you have the knowledge taught at Blandford as a foundation you will adapt very easily. If you think you can walk out of the factory and forget everything you've been taught because you've been told you don't need it you're in for a big shock.