Discussion in 'REME' started by Topper_Logan, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Rumour going round that an ASM from a regional ECI team is deploying on HERRICK for 6 months, to do all ECIs in theatre? :(

    Apparently this ASM is a real stickler for processes and procedures and doesnt dish out many passes? :x

    Anyone confirm or deny? :cry:
  2. Edited for bone-questioness.
  3. If its the same one that come over in 2004 then he was alright he came in from LAND ES branch, i cant remember the grade but it wasn't red i still cant see it taking 6 momnths to do all the ECIs on Herrick though as then it would become a tour for an ASM and a group of inspectorsevery 6 months.
  4. Dunno HJ, I think it may be where 16AA are but it could encompass ISAF HQ.
  5. Point taken the m-i-t-corner, but hes definitely going out there for 6-months(wife booked his flight and spoke to him today) and he is currently on a notorious regional ECI team :( , so he must be doing other ES business apart from ECIs, if on a 6-monther.
  6. If hes the one that stopped one at the start if your out there good luck, me i handed over most of my kit onbe the camps were built.
  7. Wouldn't it be viable to have the SEFIT lads out there double hatting for this kind of thing?

    It would make sense for the incumbent brigade to take their own ECI bods but surely it would be a fleeting visit as opposed to having the blokes out there on tour.

    There's logic there somewhere I guess.
  8. Do you know if they have supers LAD's out there? If so then they still wouldn't need him there for six months or he might just stay in Lashgar Kar or Karbul either place will be out of any ones way.
  9. I know that 8 CS's Machy wagon got RPG's and destroyed.

    My video camera was on it ;P

    (If your reading this- Mullet!!!)
  10. HJ as I understand it all ECIs are now carried out by the what was then regional ECI teams (as they all work directly to LAND).My Bde 145X has just been ECId by the team, civies in Warminster accompanied by an ASM.

    This ASM is definitely on such a team and is definitely deploying on HERRICK for 6 months.So as the spams say "Go figure"
  11. H-J, i can remember signing over our Machy wagon to a bloke who was realy desperate for one because his was blown up along with his FEPS and his lap top was on it.
  12. I got ECId out in Iraq 2 years ago (op telic 4), I thought it was pretty bizarre that they were sending a team out just to inspect our procedures when so much fighting was going on. At the time I was a ‘Stand Alone’ mechanic in the shat hotel, supporting the Engineers and the Royal Navy. All my demands came direct from Japan, and I was using RN format paperwork (much more user friendly than ours!!), I also had an ISO container full of buckshees, and was cannibalising everything and anything Just to keep our troop operational. Funnily enough the ECI team left me well alone, They took one look and walked away looking confused!! So if they started ECIing out in Iraq 2 years ago then no doubt they will be doing it in every other war zone just to add more pressure to the tour..... our hierarchy is good like that!

    Just for future ref: The BEME detests the word cannibalisation Apparently is such a dirty word!…… he much prefers re-distribution of spares. :?
  13. He is not going out to conduct ECI's but if you have a slack moment and have any queries ask him. I await the phone to ring.
  14. Telic 2 saw an ECI team in Shitebox Alpha.

    Oh what times we had, remembering your faux par in the briefing room