Discussion in 'REME' started by jimmys_best_mate, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. A quick question for the people who know this kind of thing. I've been tasked to do a short presentaton on ECI inspections - what they do and why they're done.

    Although I've been involved in them before, I'd quite like the 'party line' if possible on who's involved (on the ECI team side of things), what they do and why. It doesn't have to be too indepth, because as I say it's only for an interest period during EC Training.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. LANDSO 4505
  3. Is there any chance whatsoever that's on the internet somewhere? I don't have access to DII where I am
  4. I wouldn't have thought so and I am away from the office so....
  5. No worries, thank you anyway.
  6. If you contact the Land Systems ASM at SEAE there should still be a presentation that he delivers to the Upgrading course, that should do you fine.
  7. Cheers Sparky, I'll try giving him a bell in the morning.
  8. No problem
  9. heres a cut and paste of the most important bits

    1. Equipment Care (EC) is a key factor in the maintenance of a unit’s combat power.
    To maximise this, Reference A defines the EC policy and the minimum demonstrable EC
    systems that a unit is required to implement. It also informs unit commanders of procedures
    to ensure that the required level of EC for equipment on their charge is maintained.
    2. Reference B, Chap 2 states the generic policy and the procedures when conducting
    an ECI. The Equipment Care Inspection Teams (ECIT) will audit against the standards set
    out at Reference A.
    3. Within Land Forces (LF), the ECI is also the mechanism used to assess a unit’s
    conformance with service and statutory requirements and duty of care responsibilities. ECI
    reports contribute to the Measurement of Fighting Power (MFP) assessments and Corporate
    Governance reporting requirements. Following development trials of the Army Reporting
    Management Suite (ARMS) application, it is the intent to utilise ARMS to grade and produce
    ECI reports.

    Purpose of the ECI
    6. The purpose of the ECI is to:
    a. Report on the effectiveness of unit equipment care and management systems
    and to recommend improvements where necessary.
    b. Ensure that units are complying with service and statutory requirements,
    including health and safety, concerned with the serviceability and maintenance of
    their equipment.
    c. Monitor standards of equipment care, availability, repair and inspection in
    order to contribute to sustaining combat power.

    ECI procedure
    12. The ECI will consist of a detailed examination of unit equipment management and
    maintenance systems. This will include inspecting a sample of equipment to assess the
    standards of unit maintenance and inspection procedures. The Inspecting Authority will
    determine the types and minimum quantities of equipment to be inspected. Under normal
    circumstances this is to be a minimum of 5%3 of a representative sample of equipment types
    with their related documents and examination reports. It is also a requirement that 30% of
    the unit’s vehicle documents covering a representative sample of each vehicle type are
    examined and compared with the FMT 1002 or JAMES in order to determine accuracy.
    13. The ECI is to include an assessment of all equipment care management systems
    and procedures including:
    a. Commanding Officer’s Equipment Care Policy Statement and Unit Equipment
    Care Directive.
    b. Equipment management systems and the condition of the inspection sample.
    c. Fault reporting, repair procedures and documentation. Particular emphasis is
    to be given to those procedures that have an impact on equipment safety.
    d. The effective control of unit technical publications.
    e. All modifications and modification registers.
    f. The provision of unit EC training.
    g. Equipment documentation.
    h. The management of any out-of-use equipment.
    i. Lifting and recovery equipment, the lifting equipment registers and inspection
    j. The availability and the recording of Level 1 competence of unit personnel.
    k. The availability and suitability of Level 1 servicing, repair tools, equipment and
    l. Maintenance and suitability of specialist facilities and equipment, eg welding
    bay, tyre bay, battery shop.
    m. Maintenance support (including Level 2 and 3 repair).
    n. The availability, calibration and use of test equipment, including calibration
    o. Confirm spares availability is not adversely affecting equipment maintenance
    and/or availability

    hope that helps
  10. Is that a restricted document?
  11. not any more!
  12. You could always contact the REME Arms school & ask for the presentation from them. If you ask very nicely they may even give you the full info pack they hand out on the Equipment Care in the Unit Course.
  13. Thanks for the help everyone, I'll try SEAE/REME Arms School and see what I can get hold of.
  14. Plus whatever spin the team leader decides to put on it.