ECI - Should not be a REME problem!

Discussion in 'REME' started by Renovatio, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. How many units have you been at where you bust a gut doing overtime and getting all the nif, naf and trivia sorted for an ECI. Your parent unit provides no support as they couldn't care less about the REME team from Div that are coming to do the inspection. The clue is in the name ....Equipment Care....if the inspection teams were headed by NON REME personnel then each unit may take it more seriously, however as it stands most units consider it to be a REME inspection, conducted on the REME by the REME.....what a load of shite! :evil:

    Lets get ECI teams headed by any cap badge who has suitable experience as a QM(T) that way units may become more involved and shoulder some of the work :roll:

    Anyone agree...or have a better idea?
  2. All depends on the unit you are with. I know that the vast majority of RAC units know its an inspection of their kit and systems, so generally sort their sh1t out for the inspection.
    A shrug of the ASM's shoulders when he is asked if he is ready for the inspection normally jolts the QM(T) into action. Nothing to do with the LAD sir, its a Regimental inspection not an LAD inspection, we will of course help out where we can seems to do the trick.

    If that does not do the trick the team need to be shown the problem areas and given gentle guidance on who isn't doing their job and why not.
    Worked for me no problem.
  3. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    I know the ECI is a Regimental inspection.

    I was under the impression that part of this inspection was the LAD processes and performance. This was at one point the techeval, I assumed that this had been subsumed into the ECI. Similar to the LSI/LSTI.

    If the ECI has little to do with the LAD, how are you externally evaluated.
  4. We are externally audited by the techeval process. The ECI is an external assessment of how the regt carries out its equipment care. Essentially, its there to ensure that any vehicle which leaves camp, does so legally and in full compliance with both military an civillian legislation. Similarly for weapons it is to check all auditing and accounting processess are in order.

    The LAD/Workshop is only checked on areas common within the whole unit. Wksp/LAD MT, Sigs and tech library are assessed, but the QM Tech is responsible, with the regt 2ic for ECIs. The LAD/Wksp is only there for guidance and advice.

    So P_P, please leave this site for those of us who understand REME business or even RLC as the LSI/LSTI are not part of the ECI either!!!
  5. The ECI does test the LAD's Systems because they are part of the unit equipment care process. There is more chance of the unit letting its self down than the LAD. The mature approach is to work together to get that much sought after Green.

  6. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    So it’s pretty much as I thought.

    So you are caught in the great ‘any other tasks detailed by the CO’ then.

    Nothing changes only the depth.

    Just as a side line I have been tasked to sort out REME accounts for LSI as well so its not particular to ECI.

    But I agree it GRIPS

    As for leave the thread after 14 ish years with you lot I feel I am placed to comment.

    And as your whinge is that regts not accepting their role as lead in their ECI I thought you would want as wide an audience as possible
  7. Totally agree PP, as the first post said it's an "all cap badge" issue not a REME inspection. However In my experience some units do require its' REME guys to lead them through the minefield, but we are not invincible ourselves ask 6 Bn!!!!
  8. Norfolk_boy, you gave a good responce regarding ECIs but you ended your valid and structured points with frankly, drivel!! P_P gave another perspective on how other capbadges percieve the REME role and you F*****D him off at the high port. This is not a unique reaction or perception, we really do, do ourselves a disservice with our smug pontification. At the end of the day, we are all of one company( and yes I have served with 7 Armd Bde, sorry, that will be the first and last time I quote the Brigades ethos!), going for one goal, to do the best we can and make sure no one, whatever capbadge is let down. The last time i looked the Army keeps getting smaller and and the more we put up fences with this pretentious attitude, the more we will be kept in contempt as "know it all, big headed barstewards". IMHO the sooner we get off our very tall horse, the better. REME fix things that are broke, that includes imparting our knowledge and experience, to those that require it, whether they are asking for it or not! This is to make sure that in the end our Regiment achieves its aims in what ever it does. Remember we are the Equipment Support advisors at every level. If its beneath you, the 4th Bde Girl Guides (Woking Division) are looking for a new Brown Owl.
  9. When the F*ck did that signal come out........bugger!!!!!!

  10. P-narse!

    You sounded like you knew what you were talking about then, why spoil it?
    Your posts have a definite pattern to them N_B
  11. Point Taken BM, Sorry for the unnecessary rant P_P, Been a long day, a little tired!

    I quite fancy that guides post
  12. ECI is everyones problem. Gone are the days of PRE where all they were interested in was how many VORs a unit had with a witch hunt type scenario. Nowadays it's the eqpt management systems and processes that are under scrutiny and this takes place across the Bn/Regt. Yes it can be percieved as a QM(T) AOR but don't we as LADs/Wksps have our own systems/eqpts that need to be managed? Ofcourse the answer is YES and as part of the parent unit ECI we will be inspected. So what am I saying - pull together and help the Bn/Regt achieve the best grading that it can. We can offer assistance, guidance and a wealth of knowledge and experience to those that are not by profession engineers, that is our job. By all means let the parent unit know in no uncertain terms that we as REME will not do all the work but that we are there to help.
  13. Having the dubious pleasure of 2 ECI Team posts in my thus far illustrious career I can safely say this:

    You can tell INSTANTLY a unit which has had little or no help from its WKSP/LAD!

    As an ex-ECI bod, I'm of the view that we should give them as much ADVICE as needed, but they do the work, not us - things like Tech Libraries are a good example of this - its normally a REME bod that sorts that out for them. I know of many a unit that has had it's ECPD written by the ASM - thats waaaaaay wrong, its firmly in Regt 2i/c or QM(T) territory that one!

    I could go on, but wont as I'm bored already..................Yawn................
  14. I give regular EC training to my parent Unit from CO to Pte. I show the Equipment Care video, "Equipment Care" (BDFL number C008/00 if you haven't seen it) featuring 'Big Dick'. At the end of the 16 minute video I ask the audience how many REME personnel were in the video. The correct answer is NONE, because EC is their responsibilty, not jsut a REME thing. I explain the Role of the LAD is to provide ES(fixing broke stuff) and EC advice (telling them how to look after stuff so it doesn't get broke). If you want a copy of the presentation with script notes, please PM me.

    It sometimes works. An email was sent by someone above me to someone further up that went along the lines...ECI is an annual open-book exam. The date of the exam is agreed by the Unit. The questions are known in advance, and are the same every year. You have the answers and we have answers for those you don't know. You also have copies of how you did last time and the LAD will conduct mock exams for you if you wish. So why do you keep shooting yourself in the foot?

    The Unit EC Directive (
    which contains LEUMS at its heart) is distributed down to Troop/Platoon level yet it lies unread and unammended in many departments

  15. I'm saving that middle bit for later use! - Good one Maj B.

    :p BS