ECHR reprieve for Abu Hamza?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by blonde_guy, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. Well, it appears the European Court of Human Rights has decided them going to prison might not be fair

    BBC News - Abu Hamza US extradition halted

    Why he was never done for treason here, I don't know.......
  2. Lets not forget that he & the other 3 "british" men mentioned in the article were all claiming benefits AND ALL of their massive legal expenses are being paid for by us! This is typical of the useless "human rights" industry at its worst, allowing the innumerable "lawyers" to get very rich at our expense by pandering to the every wish of these murderous SCUM!
    Strip the bastards of their so called " British" citizenship which they betray & abuse, and send them off to the states to bask in Obama's mercy!!
  3. Perhaps we would have been successful if he was autistic!?

    To whom should the universal Human Rights 'industry' be disapplied? People the media want us to feel sympathy for or people the media have demonised because their views are obnoxious?

    How much of your views have been manufactured for you and parrotted and how much of them are actually your own thoughts independently arrived at?
  4. I do believe the option should exist to strip foreign born nationals given the privilege of a British passport of their citizenship. I also believe crimes against the state by any citizen should be punished as such.
  5. Funny, the news I saw said that they have just stopped them being extradited to the US whilst the court considers their claim.

    Yep, I was right.
  6. Since passports are issued under the Prerogative, there is no legal entitlement for anyone to demand one. The state may strip an individual of his passport at any time and without having to give a reason - including a United Kingdom National.

    What constitutes a 'crime against the state'?
  7. Strange, I could have sworn that Hamza and the others were in custody. I'm quite baffled.
  8. Apparently so, he has his own Wikepedia page, the accuracy of which, like government announcements and media reporting designed to form and shape opinion, need to be taken with a large dose of salt!
  9. Can we not just turf the scumbag on a plane to the US anyway, and when the European Court of Terrorist Rights asks questions, reply,

    "Oh, we weren't supposed to deport Abu Hamza, you say? We thought it was Abu Hamzad that you meant. Sorry about that. Really."?

    They won't extradite Hamza who wants to kill or encourage other people to kill folks in this country, yet won't interfere with the extradition of Gary McKinnon.



  10. Seriously.

    Have you considered WHY one extradition was put on hold and not the other?
  11. Both men if convicted in the States face long-term prison sentences. McKinnon mainly because he made the American computer security systems look like they were designed by my two-year old nephew. Hell, my five-year old niece could do a better job than 'em and she has just mastered finger painting. And Hamza because he is a terrorist suspect implicated in the murder of American citizens. Even if convicted, Hamza will not get what he deserves, i.e. entombed in concrete next to Jimmy Hoffa and his whereabouts being a mystery.

    Your point is?

  12. Have to agree with you there Whet. As I seen it, they need to approve the prison they are likely to be sent to matches I assume European standards (with the state of some of the former Eastern Bloc prisons), I can't see this being a problem. And that sentencing will not be disproportionate to the crime.

    Other than that, the US legal system and his defense rights have all been ok'd, as has the principle of extradition.

    Couple more boxes to tick, and it's a one way flight to the US, (where they can do what the hell they like with them, once on US soil, as far as I'm concerned).
  13. Actually McKinnon also tried to get the extradition stopped due to Human Rights and Teresa May gave him an appeal. He also faces a term in a different catagory of prison where his medical needs whereas the others face up to life in a high security prison.
  14. One is an anti-British hate preacher who has made no secret of his support for jihad, links to AQ and incitement to racial and religious violence. Despite not being born here, he claims our benefits and protection of our laws when it suits him.

    The other is an autistic man, who wanted to know if there were UFOs. He managed to hack some of the most secure systems in the world using a basic computer. He is being extradited because he embarassed the US so much, no other real reason. If Obama had any ****ing sense he'd offer him a job at NSA.

    It's all politics. We have to send mentally ill people to the US so they can save face, yet we can not send genuinely dangerous men.
  15. If Hamza's case is being heard by the ECHR then should he not be imprisoned/on remand in a Strasbourg prison so that he may be on hand to witness his case proceeding and or act as a witness in his defence?