Discussion in 'Officers' started by firefox3030, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. I dont know whether I am being an absolute idiot but is holding a ECDL qualification a requirement before starting sandhurst or is it just desirable?
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    the ECDL is the computer equivalent of a Dick & Jane book. can you find the power switch? know what a mouse and keyboard look like? you'd pass the test.
  3. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Seconded. I went up to Scotland when my ol' man was slowly buying the farm and signed on. The DWP made me do the ECDL... what a waste of time. My OC and CO know more about PCs than those people teaching.
  4. haha ok guys thanks for that, I was looking at an ECDL course and it costs £200 so sod that if its not an essential requirement for sandhurst.
  5. Thanks firefox, I looked into that as well. Couldn't believe how much it cost!
  6. Surely since you've already managed to post on ARRSE (and TWICE), then that must be the equivalent of a pass?

    Spend the £200 on drink instead.
  7. I know the price is a joke, but had a slight panic on when I read the important documents to bring to the PCCBC list and ECDL qual was one of them.
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    really? I would have thought in this day and age if you're smart enough to qualify for Sandhurst then knowing your way around a PC (at the ECDL level at any rate) would be a given.
  9. They used to make everyone do a certain amount of the ECDL course before handing you a DII account (dunno if this still happens?)

    You can also do it in the Army for a great deal cheaper, or possibly free now?

    I personally think the ECDL is a waste of time.
  10. Everyone get a DII account now regardless of their quals.

    I can't remember what seniors (either Sgts or WO2s) but they need ECDL to do their promotion courses in 2012.

    Yes it is free to those people needing it.
  11. Log onto Defence Learning Portal on DII (bottom left of opening page) - ECDL is totally free to serving personnel. You can do it all in your office except the exams (one for each of the 7 modules) which you do at your local AEC, again free.

    Is it worth doing? Of course it is, it's free and something else to put on your CV so there is nothing to lose by doing it.

    It's easy, I did the first three modules this week , 3 x 55 minute exams took 5 minutes each.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    I agree with AFA06.

    Good knowledge of Word and Powerpoint (including design principles) will always stand you in good stead.

  13. Quality, except that the OP isn't serving yet ;)
  14. In my day (swings lantern) we had to do certain amount of modules of ECDL in Academy time. The sooner you finished the more free periods you got. If you go to Sandhurst with it you might get 8 hours of free time.

    Or do what we did - you each take a different module then photoshop the pass screen and hand in all 6 (?) passes after about 2.5 hours.

    Mind you this could all be completely out of date now.
  15. I started it, decided I was likely to die of boredom and jacked.

    My view is that if you need to show that you can pass ECDL - you've probably applied for a Cpls post.