ECDL - European Computer Driving license



We had a lady from learn direct come and visit us this week to talk to us about the above qualification.
Basically, this is a nationally recognised qualification in computers that is government funded.
You can cover basic to advanced skills in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Internet and Email.

It is an online course that you access and work your way through the modules.
To be tested on each module it is £10 (there are 7 of them) and there is a log book which will cost you £25. To pass and gain the qualification it will cost you a total of £95.

To find out more (and they can come to your TAC to give a talk) contact your nearest learn direct office or go to  


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There is a bigger, badder course you can do, The Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS).  You study Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook and Access at Expert level.  However, only Excel & Word are examined at Expert the rest are at Core (For Office 2000 & XP).   Once you have all five you qualify for the Master's Certificate which, apparently, means you can be a trainer.  (I've still got Outlook & Access to do.)

For further info:


It should be noted that the exams are £50+ ago.


Looked in a bookshop yesterday and there were thousands of books on the ECDL which must mean your local library will probably have a couple.


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