After being briefed about the new ITQ course today (a requirement for promotion to Sgt and beyond in 2012, apparently) I decided to pay a brief visit to my local AEC to ask what info they may have on the topic. The girl I spoke to was aware of the new course, and the requirement for it, and told me that it had replaced the CLAIT/ECDL qualifications, which were now (or soon to be) obsolete. When I asked her if the previous two qualifications could count as a stepping stone towards the ITQ she didn't know. Has anyone here done the new course yet? Just out of interest, how does it compare?


they are constantly changing the goal posts on this. as far as i am aware, you need Level 2 maths and english by 2012. As for ECDL i thought it was a nice to have and not an essential. I am RAC but i dont see why it doesnt apply to the rest of the army


I'm not sure what's changed, but you used to have had completed a certain amount of the ECDL modules before they'd let you loose on a DII terminal. Though I'm pretty sure that wasn't enforced in a lot of places.
I phoned a couple of other AEC's today to try to get a bigger picture - one of them said CLAIT doesn't count, the other said that it does, but the course should have been completed fairly recently.

As for sniper9's comment, I've been told you need Numeracy lvl 2, Literacy lvl2 and ITQ by 2012. I've got the first two, I might as well get ITQ out of the way.
Just a quick bump for those who haven't done ITQ yet - a £40 fee will be charged at the start of the course, and after completing the course you will be given £50 back. So basically, you are being paid £10 to complete an easily-achieved and worthwhile qualification. I'd advise anyone who hasn't done this yet to sign up asap.
ITQ done. Several weeks of not so hard coursework done mostly in the army's time, and with a profit of £41 as a little bonus (using SLC's).

Just thought I'd update those with an interest in this that there is another course on the way too, the full level 3 ITQ Certificate, which is linked to the Advanced Microsoft Office Specialist Award. It's not been advertised formally yet through the ALC, but it will cost £200 up front with £50 cashback upon timely completion of the course. This works out as £10 profit (using SLC's). I'm not sure how sought after this qualification is with prospective employers, but if they're paying you £10 to do it then there's no harm giving it a bash anyway.
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