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Hi all

I have to produce a presentation and can’t find a suitable picture of an individual in ECBA. Any walts wanting to appear in a brief post away.

Full rig please and the general shall see your fizzog in all its glory.



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in all embarressment, it isnt! I have pics of the big heavy uncomfortable stuff, just cant remember the proper name, whether it is ICBA, ECBA, kestrel, osprey or feckin george!

Apologies for mongness...


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Hia matey

ECBA is the one with no collar and a small plate front and back. You can PM me the stuff if you wish.

Mine have all got me wearing fakleys so there not suitable (cos I’d get a slaging).


ECBA Basic waistcoat with small plates front and back
Kestrel All in one with large collar and arms, small plates back and front
Osprey Large plated with modular arms and neck guards and molle like pouch attachment system far as I had it explained to me!

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