To cut a long story short, I have been asked to write a paper on ECAS procedures for use with Fast Jet and Aviation. Can anybody point me in the right direction for the official PAM/DIN on this. Also any actual experience using this would be of great use i.e. what worked, what didn't, what training you felt that you needed and any other thoughts on it would be very useful to flesh out the procedure.

Contact SO2 FAC STANEVAL at the AWC, or JFACSU who have access to the FAC Tactics Manual. I'd hope that your Bde Air staff would also have this document. However, the TACMAN is classified and I'm assuming your paper must be unclass. If that is the case, you may struggle to get suitable material.
Joker Proximo has beaten me too it. Be aware you have to be a SupFAC to teach ECAS.Send me your e-mail and I can get the format (JALO's )to you in seconds.

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