Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Shrikeh, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Thought you might like this:

    Here's a piece from PC Pro that may be of some interest to those about to go out to Helmand:

    Soldiers put eBook readers at top of their Christmas list

    Don't know how true the actual "research" into this is, but always nice to see a mention of The Rifles
  2. I've got one of these (Sony PRS-505) and it's the bees knees. Stores over 150 novels, photos (B&W only) and MP3 music. Add in a memory card reader for extra storage and it's the business. Download e-books from t'interweb at sites like
    http://www.free-ebooks.net/ and at the same time as you copy them onto your E-Reader it's charging up through the USB cable.

    Share e-books around and save on space in your comfy box as well!
  3. Wouldn't sand get into the thing? How will it be re-charged? If it can't show Razzle would a squaddie want it?
  4. No idea about sand. Recharge either through the USB port of a lappy, or buy the optional mains charger. The battery lasts for ages if you're only reading books on it, less long if you're playing music at the same time. (It doesn't have a speaker, so earphones are needed) There are many magazines (Penthouse is one) that can be downloaded in PDF Format. OK, so it's black and white, but you only get it for the articles don't you? :wink:
  5. Nothing for sand to get into really. Would charge off a laptop I guess. Also the Sony one doesn't use battery except when you're turning pages.

    Other advantage is much easier to wipe clean then Razzle.
  6. But wouldn't it be uncomfortable reading while you're taking a dump?
  7. Easier to read and turn the pages single handed whilst holding your beer with the other hand.
  8. But imagine you're straining enough as it is on the khazi and you've got this weight on your thighs giving out heat.....
  9. It weighs no more than a paperback and doesn't get hot...

    Read, shit and be merry!
  10. Okey-dokey. I'm just old-fashioned and a bit on the tactile side.....
  11. Just be very gentle with it. It's not that sturdy and Sony really stick their arm in when charging for repairs.
  12. It's been mentioned on another thread that the whole series of The Zone is now in pdf format (for free) - anyone got a link to it?
  13. Not a bad plan. Work say if I go out next year they'll give me one for some real testing. I might see if I get it early for a go at Catterick.
  14. Wouldnt it be more approiate to buy a FULLY RUGGEDIZED 2-IN-1 NOTEBOOK WITH 10.4" TOUCHSCREEN.TOUGHBOOK CF-19 instead of a Sony PRS-505 at least it is more durable .