Ebook on how to get jobs that arent advertised

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by ChristopherRobin, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Hi Guys

    A quick plug here for my ebook on how to get the job you really want, but never see advertised. www.secretjobmarket.co.uk

    I used this system myself to get posts within the Army (successful every time but once!) and I used it to get the job I'm currently in. So I wrote a "how-to" guide!

    You can also download a free ebook on promotion (civvy-strasse style, I'm afraid!) and if you buy the ebook it comes with a 30 quid discount of your CV professionally done by a recruiting specialist (not me!!)

    the book is at www.secretjobmarket.co.uk
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    msr LE

  3. Does it tell me how to become a professional fluffer? I can never find the posts advertised in my local job centre.
  4. I seem to remember that a lot of what is on this website was discussed at the resettlement briefings I attended before I retired.
  5. It's certainly on the same theme, Bonzo, but there's a lot in the ebook that comes from my own, rather necky, experience.

    Why not download the FREE companion volume, "Promotion for the Impatient" off the same website? If you like that, you'll love "Unlock The Secret Job Market".

    They're tools for succeeding in any job and targeting and getting the job you really want, rather than just any old job.

    Thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it!
  6. Why not be a bezzer and publish it here for free?
  7. does it involve printing off loads of CVs and sending them to companies that you would like to work for?
  8. No, it doesn't. In fact, it comes with £30 off a professional CV done by the CV guy, and an example is in the book along with a chapter written by him.

    For this system, think 'sniper' rather than 'carpet bombing'
  9. If you can't work out how to to tailor a CV for a job then you don't deserve to get an interview!