Ebola Medal?

I had a nasty brush with Chicken Pox myself lately.
Due to recent incidents I strongly suspect the overal majority in Kerry Town would say:

Stuff your medal I just want to survive and get back home....
Around 2000 issued to aid works who have deployed to west africa-

eligibility is collect tokens from jars ?
Not fair! last time I posted a pic of Golly, my post was deleted and I got a warning. The reason being according to the moderator (and I cant remember who it was now) was that a bloke got sent down for racism by a judge on the basis that he had called an employee a gollywog.
I really think it's high time we had a golly thread..........


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Eh... It's not that painful.
Never had a ND. Witnessed one though. It was funnier than the the dropped grenade...
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