Never been one for sending mailies but with a son on ops, I'd like to write every couple of days. Trouble is, I'm a bit stuffed as to what to write about.

Now obviously lots of you on here have been on ops, so my question is -

What kind of mailies do you like to recieve, content-wise, from a parent.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. If, on the other hand, I've posted in the wrong section, or you feel this is an inane question, then please feel free to add the usual ritual abuse.



I've sent quite a few eblueys in the last couple of years just to mates out on tour.

The common theme in all my letters was simply everyday life. I was worried that my letters were boring and mundane, they were just about funny little things that had happened or family/social/work events but the person I was sending them to said that was exactly what he wanted - a link to home and some kind of "normality". It seems to be a comfort thing, just knowing that everything is ok at home.

Even if your letters are very short they can be vital morale boosters so don't worry about length, it's quality not quantity. I occasionally went to the post office and got blank blueys so I could handwrite them rather than the e-bluey method - it's just little touch but to someone far away from home seeing someone you care about's familiar handwriting can mean quite a lot.

Eblueys are a lot quicker to reach the other side as they are printed out over there rather than physically posted like ordinary ones, so I only handwrote letters occasionally.

Anyway know my experience is not really parent-child orientated but hope it helps a little!


Thanks for the response Boozy. Little and often is what I'm doing at the moment - the mundane and general trivia - so I guess I'll just continue with that.



You could try cutting and pasting random items from Wikipedia, and get your friends to do it as well. That way he will receive 73 in one day and crated.

Not that anyone would ever do that - right Joker62/Bigbird/KP/Bootifull/Poppy/Scoobs et al?
I've found that reminding my mates that I'm going to the pub, having steak tonight and that you've just driven past the pub and its full off scrubbers tends to get a good response.

Basically the more humour the better!

Hope your lad stays safe Taff.

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