eBays new policy!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. Some bright spark at eBay has come up with this new policy.

    You wil no longer be abled to see what user ID is the highest bidder on an item. The higest bidder will now be refered to as " Bidder 1" " Bidder 2" etc.

    The user ID will only be available to the seller.

    Now how dose this prevent shill bidding?. According to eBay is dose!!!! :?

    Im sorry but they dont act on half of the bid bumping that gose on on that site. I reported one that was so blatant it could have smacked you in the face!. I received an automated reply and no action was taken.
  2. Lets not forget that the IGS Nazi's have blocked Ebay now, thigns are goign from bad to worse. How am i to fill the day now???
  3. Chill...................try www.egun.de

    Should keep you amused for a while,it was from this site that a scrote got weapons,held some school-kids hostage and then shot himself!

    Not that I´m suggesting that you should do the same to fill your day :twisted:
  4. Interesting site, unfortunately Free Weapons weren't!!! :twisted:
  5. Might I suggest using The Cloak or one of the other anonymous web proxy sites out there? Might not always work but they're often a good way to get around some things.
  6. Guys you should try using armyads.com. its new and as such doesn't have as many members altho you can see who the highest bidder is and also its aimed at the british army..
  7. Have you seen it?

    It's crap.
  8. Might I suggest you shut the fcuk up? Posting suggestions like that will see Arrse getting blocked by the IGS.
  9. Not much point, as the-cloak.com is blocked at the Gateway, as well as eBay.... :crash:
  10. Ho ho ho! And run by Reme107 too! :wink:
  11. Oooops - no offence inteded.
  12. I believe that this is to stop the "second chance offer" fraudsters, many people are falling for illegitimate second chance offers and so ebay would have prioritised this over shill bidding.

    A better thing in my view would be to get rid of the second chance offer all together
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