eBay - What's the security classification of this?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Speckled_Jim, Feb 23, 2005.

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  1. This is an American publication.

    I am making a few enquiries.

    Wait out.
  2. Same publication was on eBay about 2 weeks ago (different copy tho' as the other one had "EOD Cell" written on it), queried it with "certain people" then. Result is that it is a US publication and isn't UK classified. PM me if you would like chapter and verse. :(
  3. You have got to question the logic of some of the fecking idiots that put military items on sale on ebay. Granted that we have all heard the stories about sgt x digging himself out of the sheite by jumping on ebay and picking up the serial numbered kit just in time for a board of Officers, but to put a tam on there is a fecking joke. I find it to be dangerous and irresponsible. My belief is that MoD needs to get a grip on this before there is an incident involving the deaths of British Service Men and Women due to an OPFOR getting the heads up on the tactics and planning process etc before we get there. :evil:
  4. Simple, it is illegal.

    Plus the joke's on whoever buys it as that TAM is only up to Amdt 01/97 - so there won't be a chapter on WFM in the field! Ha! Sucker!
  5. Will ask sellers a question I think:

    "Why are you such a k**B?"
  6. Maybe someone should send eBay an email.
  7. Have checked eBay rules.

    The item is HMG property, and I doubt whether the Army 'gave' it to the seller in question. This means that he is in effect selling stolen goods.

    If there is a member of the Police/RMP viewing these pages, I would like to report the seller of eBay item number 6513362594 for theft.

    There, shopped the t**t.
  8. Won't you be carrying out an investigation as well?
  9. Sorry, Oracle, not in E1 at the moment. You are right though, local MI Section should have a look. PM to INT CORPS moderator coming right up.
  10. I bet you there are some QMs Sh*tting it out there!
  11. Well they didn't 'give' (issue) it to him so that he could sell it on eBay.
  12. Welcome to the world of irony!