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We have been contacted by several people over the past few weeks who have bought Traser and Smith and Wesson watches from World Wide Watch on eBay. What these calls have in common is that they all want warranty service for watches purchased from this company. Apparently they are happy to sell you a watch but then refuse to have anything to do with you if it goes wrong.

This company advertises on eBay as being London based, with the watches shipping from the UK. They are actually in Greece and the watches you buy are shipped from Greece. So if something goes wrong best of luck.

All Trasers are serial numbered now, so we know which ones are UK supplied. I recommend if you bought one from this guy and are having problems, then send it back to mb-microtec in Switzerland for repair.

With Smith and Wesson, again if you did not buy it from us you will have to send it back to Smith and Wesson in the USA for repair. We are under no obligation, legal or moral, to provide any warranty support for watches bought from this company.

There are other UK suppliers apart from myself who will provide you with good service, however if you buy from outside the UK then I am afraid you will need to sort it out yourself if it goes wrong.

Sorry to sound like such a sour g*t but you are all big boys and girls. If you decide to buy a watch from a non-UK dealer then be prepared to send it back to him or the manufacturer if things go wrong. We don't make any money out of warranty work. This guy has had his profit from the initial sale, it should therefore be up to him to sort it out. You may say he has good feedback on eBay! - yes that is true, however most people post positive feedback once they receive their goods, they don't hang on for 3 months to see if there is a problem.

end of rant :D


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er, if the watches were any good then surely there wouldnt be so many needing work so soon after being bought new? not trying to be smart, but I've got a cheap ass Avia here and a slightly more expensive Promaster, I've had them both for six or seven years and the mechanisms are still perfect (bar the odd external scratch). and thats working pretty physical jobs where they get a fair bit of abuse.
Our £12.99 Terrain watches would probably back up your theory, however the S&W, Traser and Luminox watches tend to get a bit more of abuse. The failure rate on these watches is probably as good as or better than most of the brands we sell. The main issues for warranty claims tend to be:

1. Misting up of glass after swimming - we get 3 or 4 a week of these and the watch is easily tested to see if it is 'user error' involving incorrect screwing down or pushing in of the crown. In the past 6 months we have only had 1 or 2 where there was actually a fault on the watch. If a watch is bought from us and under warranty we can usually sort it out for under £30 However if it is a grey import and not bought from us then you will be looking at about £60 - £90 Your local jeweller will probably do it for the same, a pressure test costs £18 each time and you need two of these to ensure the watch is tested then repaired correctly. You then have the labour at £60 per hour.

2. Broken glass - buy it from w-w-watches and it will need to go back to its manufacturer as we won't touch it and a repair in the UK may not be possible as there are no spares on the market. Again this is usually due to user abuse and not covered by warranty but it is the second largest claim we get as buyers tend not to read the terms of warranty. We have had at least 2 w-w-watch customers trying to get repairs because they have broken the glass.

3. Replacement original straps - due to wear and tear and smelly sweat.

The actual failure of a movement is very rare these days and what we would term genuine warranty issues are few and far between. It tends to be damage rather than wear.

My point is that if you buy from a UK dealer then most will try and help sort out your problems, warranty or not for a reasonable cost. If you buy from a grey importer or ebay then most of the guys I speak to in the watch business will not touch your watch for less than full service fee's.


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fair enough - but seeing the amount a brand new Traser goes for, if mine went that quickly I wouldnt be impressed to say the least.
maguire said:
fair enough - but seeing the amount a brand new Traser goes for, if mine went that quickly I wouldnt be impressed to say the least.
If a user damages a watch or forgets to screw in the crown then surely it is the user you should not be impressed with - NOT the watch :D

BTW After consultation with Traser (mb-microtec) and Traser UK we are putting some proper UK spec Trasers on ebay to try and draw trade away from the guys advertising non-UK ones.

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