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Hi All,

Would anyone know how to get the user name of someone from their name on Ebay?

I have had some items stolen from me and I think they maybe on Ebay.

Edited to add can you help with this?

When you go to a Web site where you have to put you’re user name and password in, and the user name is already fill out for you.
If this has been deleted can you go in to the computer and find out what the user name was for a site?



Bid on the kit and win and then arrange for a meeting to collect in a dark alley somewhere . . . job done, revenge and kit back
If they have been sold see if he is selling anything else and arrange a meet up you might not get your stuff but he will still get a good shoeing
Dont arrse about with going down the DIY route, Ebay have a security team who will be able to get all over this. Contact them with your details. Ebay have a vested interest in keeping stolen goods off the site so despite some issues in the past they are hot on


Do bear in mind that whoever is selling these items may not be the thief. Unless you know different. There is buckets of Military kit etc at the car boots at the moment and the eBay seller may have bought this stuff to sell on. If you do have a case eBay will investigate or else you could find yourselef in bother for kicking an innocent third party that likes car booting....
Another option is to contact your local police and let them do the interfacing with ebay

Ebay have a liasion route for the police so it might be better to contact them via plod. If you believe a crime has taken place then let the police do the leg work for you, they are obliged to follow up all reported crime aren't they?

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