eBay Think Were C***s!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by arse-eye, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. I've just been on the bay of dreams, typed in 'Royal signals' in the search field, all categories, it came up with the following related searches; Charmaine Sinclair, British Airborne, VAGINA, Service Dress and Mess Dress.

    I'm not making this up!

    What's that all about?
  2. LOL, just checked, and yep, Ebay thinks the scallies are a close match to a bunch of c**ts!
  3. Yeah ........... they alternate "service dress" with "white helmets", but "british airborne", "charmaine sinclair", "mess dress" and V A G I N A are constant!!!!! He he!!!!
  4. Why should ebay think any dif to the rest of the army! After all, it's gotta be their fault there's no comms up the line, not the fact the kits supplied by the gits with the lowest bid!
  5. The items on which one can bid seem to be mainly products to clean, polish and tighten the aforementioned piece of anatomy. But I've got one here if you wanna offer LOTS of cash!!!
  6. Well, as long as you let a bloke try before you buy like buying a pair of shoes!!!
  7. I've got loads of cash - two entire pots of coppers :D

    Do they sell products to clean, polish and tighten the signals?
  8. They think you are cnuts?

    so what, the rest of us do too.

    I'll get my coat

  9. just checked on those products, and they are like many Scallies. Stuck up c**nts. 8)
  10. I was going to make some comment about, not selling, but renting on an hourly basis, BUT NO (especially as Roadster280 and BergenBob seem to be fairly near neighbours.... eeeek!!) ..... let's say it was just silly banter.

    Last two posts are pantwettingly funny!!
  11. I aim to please, especially at the R.Signals expense! :D
  12. Wait, wait, I think I can explain. This refers to the night when the HQ and Sig Sqn of 5AB Bde entertained the lovely Charmaine Sinclair, of 33 Devon Road Aldershot after the British Airborne forces Day. She offered the Squadron use of her VAGINA but stipulated that all must wear either Service Dress or Mess Dress. Yes, that's it. 1986 I think it was...
  13. It must have been like a Wizards Sleeve. Devon Road you say.........

    You might be needing this piece of HQ stuff