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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by saladin, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. My wifes bank account was raided by some tea-leaves while we are on holiday, luckily the bank spotted one of the "unusual transactions" and we were able to freeze the account.

    The Bank have now sent us some "supporting paperwork" so that the missus can confirm that the transaction was not valid..... a laptop being delivered to an address in the West Midlands.

    .....what I find strange is that the actual address is provided on a copy invoice from an ebay retailer. Were I of a suitably vindictive frame of mind and the address a tad closer....

    Anyone know Titford Road, Oldbury, West Midlands B694PY ??????
  2. It no longer exists........
  3. Google is throwing up plenty of hits on the street name
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  4. Now THAT's quick justice right there.
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  5. I will be up that way next week.

    Photograph yourself putting £10 in the H4H tin and I will post one of my dogs finest mr whippys through the letter box.

    Put £20 in and I will feed him jalapenos for a few days prior.

    £30 and I will put it in a box to ferment for a few days before posting.

    £40 I will add maggots.
  6. Saladin If I were to ask You to post a totally random number what would it be?
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  7. I've got 4 God Children, when I've got time I send Birthday/Xmas stuff in the silver recorded delivery envelopes with £50 in, costs a few quid more but needs a scribble at the other end so can be considered safe.

    The ONE time I just put some cash in a normal envelope because i was rushed for time it arrived at the other end with the card inside but sans cash. My mate lives in a village of less than 50 and it's always the same postman, I did fancy tuning the sticky fingered **** up with a wheel brace but to be fair it's an awkward position to be in, but to be fair if your happy to rob £50 notes from an 8 year old you deserve a dig. The sorting office said it could have been taken at any point during the delivery process (cheers! Great help!)

    Certainly learnt my lesson.
  8. To be honest C S IX, the number of letters and packets with the 'To be signed for' stickers intact that I've seen at various addresses makes me wonder if it's worth the bother.
  9. True but the shiny silver envelope option comes with a £250 guarantee, id be happy to put my Saturday beer tokens on it if the silver envelopes don't get robbed as much as snail mail, it's all about accountability, at the varying stages of postage anyone can rob you, soon as its in a recordable and audit based method of delivery like the silver envelopes the risk lessens massively !
  10. A favourite from a while back...

    'There are no fingerprints on fire'
  11. It was probably that stuck up bitch at number 37.Her husband works away on the rigs you know.But she always has plenty of new "uncles" coming to visit her five kids.
  12. Google streetview gave this as the location :grin:

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  13. You Sir, are a gentleman.
    Must remember you kind offer next time i need it!
  14. Don't ever, ever offer to cook me any food.