Ebay thief - any redress?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by trickywoo, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Two weeks ago I bought a Mac Book Air on Ebay for £620.

    I paid by direct bank transfer from my UK Company account to the vendor's personal UK (Nat West) account.

    The laptop hasn't been received. I've been contacted by another buyer who's also not received a Blackberry.

    The user had excellent feedback for other items over the last few months.

    Seems an awful lot of trouble to go to to set up a criminal endeavour for just £620. However, when I requested the user's details from Ebay, the number they provided is a taxi firm in Sheffield who've no knowledge of the name on the bank account. Ebay didn't supply an address.

    Ebay don't seem bothered - I've filed an 'Item not received' complaint but all they promise is that after 10 days they'll look at closing his account.

    Is there anything I can do in what is (excepting he's been in a car crash / urgent event) a blatant case of thievery aforethought?

    (and yes, I know I should have used Paypal or the corporate card.)

    AND if not, what's to stop me (say) doing the same thing? Would I also make 000's for no risk?
  2. Have you spoken to your bank about it? I don't know what they can do, but they may have this problem once in a while and offer you some advice?
  3. I don't know for sure, but report it to your local police (none emergency phone line) and let them deal, also speak to trading standards? It may help?
  4. Almost happened to me.

    a seller with good feedback all of a sudden started to get loads of negative feedback after I had won an item. They were dodgy as they said they wouldnt accept PayPal and wanted a cheque, which thankfully I blocked after seeing all teh negative feedback.

    Police were involved as 5 of us mad a joint complaint.

    Also involved ebay who gave me the details of the account holder, who I spoke to. "completely unaware" that their account had been "hijacked"

    The person that the cheque was made out to only lived around the corner from the account holder.... SO I got a friend who lived nearby to photograph the ebay account holder going around to this other persons house proving they were in collusion....

    Police were not interested until we handed them everything on a plate, so all they needed to do was fill in the paperwork for a conviction....

    They managed to bank just shy of £9K off of people by "selling" cut price high end cameras, laptops etc.

    Good News is that they were convicted and I still know where they live ;)
  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    NEVER pay for anything on Ebay otherwise than by PayPal. Anyone who won't take PayPal MUST be a swindler.
  6. I had a friend who had a run in with an ebay crook and it was over a Mac. This is probably the same guy.
    Work with Ebay and you should be able to get some sort of refund
  7. You can get the vendor's address from eBay. Here's how:

    Go to my eBay

    Click on "advanced search" next to the search button.

    Click on "find contact information" under Members on the left hand side.

    Two boxes will appear - enter the other vendor's user ID and the eBay item number and click "search"

    Ebay will then send both parties each other's full contact info.
  8. How stupid can you be, would you give someone you did not know £620 in a pub car park, same thing really.

    The bank may right it off if it was paid by VISA but that you paid by direct transfer, he could close the account and leg it. It would be left to you to prove that the money was for the ebay item, that why ebay have paypal it is all logged and recorded with the item number.

    Ebay will drag there heels on this one and hope you go to our bank and moan.

    I bet when you do find the account details the account holder is actually from Nigeria and is here for a short while before deporting.

    Saying all this I hope you get your money back and that it was all an honest mistake but i doubt it!
  9. ...oh dear...silly silly...paypal was set up for a reason, even the diverts to peoples own stores are recommended to avoid....paypla, the only way to pay pal!!

    and no you cant do ought until the 28th day, then it isnt recieved! trading standards gives the seller 28 days to supply goods however his lack of correspondence isnt good!

  10. Contact the police who can obtain this person's details from ebay ,This is fraud you may say that you dont want to make a fuss but how many other people have this person conned . Ebay as the power to shut this user account straight away .

    I had this problem last month being a bit blonde i decide to buy products which cost a large amount of money and sent a cheque instead of paying through paypal .

    These people had no intention of sending the products and went away on holiday .My bank could only give me a copy of the cheque and no further details because of the data prtection act . I then decided to do my own research on the phone number which i was given on the auction on ebay.

    I also contacted a number of people who had problems with this person who gave me the information i needed . Although they had 100% status the wife had only been trading for about four months . further research stated that the husband was also running his business on ebay

    I then did further research and then found the name of this man and woman's company who were selling the goods .I did a company house check and 192.com check and come up with all the details i needed .

    I phoned ebay and trading standards in the two parts of the country and ebay closed all the company trading accounts on ebay as well as his wife's account because they were running the accounts from the same address .

    Trading standards advise me to write letters to the people involved .
    I then sent a recorded letter and numerous emails to the couple stating that if they did not send the goods i was informing the police . Although ebay stated that they had 100% for selling products the wife had only been trading for about four months .

    Two weeks later i recieved this email stating that they had been away on holiday and had all there accounts suspended and the goods were being sent by next day delivery and yes we recieved the goods two weeks ago .
  11. both Watchdog and The Gadgit Show have covered this, And I bought a Toshiba NB100 with all the bells and whistles for £250 in Staples last week
  12. Police will not be able to do anything any getting the money back, ebay will close the account but thats it. You might get an nice new crime reference number though that looks pretty.

    This guy is probally on holidays in Nigeria or Romania now with thousands of pounds from other honest but naive people.

    By the way most of the dishonest conmen from ebay use false addresses, mail drops, mail boxes or disused offices to register their accounts, same thing with the email address. Done on line from any internet cafe, registered address the same way. All ghost accounts and pretty untraceable. The bank account will be registered the same way with false ID or a foreign bank, Western union transfer. All ghost details, if you do get a trace and a line of enquiry the conmen had fled along time ago as it takes a while to trace back.

    My bet it is Romania, they are really good at this type of scam. Good luck.
  13. Nice one, and anyone who ordered a new kitchen from MFI and didn't get it should go along aswell.


    More excellent advice from the morally outraged.

    Expect to talk them through it, receive a crime number and then in a few days or weeks hear from them there's nothing they can do and they're filing your case.
  14. Try they can obtain an address. Not necessarily the sellers actual address. Just an address they have used to set up the account.

    Oh and thats Ebay pull their fingers out and co - operate as they are getting as bad as the banks are as far as tackling internet crime is concerned.

    As for it being Fraud. Not necessarily either. (Although the 2006 Fraud Act is still yet to be fully understood by anyone other than god :D )

    The buyer in this case may have been a victim of Section 15A Theft Act 1968 which is; Obtaining a money transfer by deception.

    A person is guilty of an offence if by any deception he dishonestly obtains a
    money transfer for himself or another.

    Personally I would make a complaint to The Police out of Principle!

    Edit to add: arcticspunksock

    The Plod can sometimes successfully locate the seller. Which results in any computers they have access to being seized and them being investigated. In cases where the seller is located quite alot are convicted.
  15. Stroker - there is a difference, in the case of MFI - the company has gone under, as in NO crime has happened. In the case of selling goods and then not delivering them - I belive a crime has / will have happened?