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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PotYos, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. Long time reader, first time poster.

    Ebay thingy

    I always thought these were serial numbered?!?

    Although its apparently legaly owned?
  2. legally owned.... :lol:

  3. Spotted a similar one a while back.
    Serial numbers et al photographed and published.
    Passed on to relavant agencies and not a thing happened.

    That is unless said agencies purchased item.
    Doubt it though.

    As illegal as selling a set of CS95.

    However should anyone require a decent set of optics then this would be a stop gap.
  4. I thought that the SIB now had a complete unit dedicated to EBAY as they have been getting continual problems with bits of restricted radio equipment turning up on there?
  5. Ah, an LTR FTP!

    T C
  6. I wonder what the courier would think shipping a weapon sight with radioactive source?
  7. I remember seeing a site a while back that sold deactivated A1's al legit and above boards so it could possibly be legally owned however as most of the bidders seem to have army number based ID's it will be coming home to its rightful place soon anyway!

  8. I got very, very 'narked off' at seeing PRR radios, or parts thereof, being sold on EBay. It is utterly jack to do this as some poor squaddie, maybe a tadge careless, left one lying around. Maybe he had the utter audacity to have the thing secured in his bergen whilst scumbag thief comes along takes his radio, softie jacket, and other gucci items he can get his grubby mits on!! If you are one of the people that steal items and put them on ebay then you are pure shite, nothing better!!

    Coming back to the quote above, I did my duty and reported such crimes to the RMP at Catterick who didn't seem to know what to do with my enquiry - despite one particular vendor stating he was in Deepcut and that he reserved the right to remove item from sale at any time - if that isn't highly suspicious, what the hell is!!?? Eventually, a well meaning RMP Cpl advised me to contact the MODPLOD which I did, only to recieve a query number and told someone would be in touch. They didn't!!
  9. Don't worry they do follow up I am aware of at least one culprit getting his just deserts so to speak due to his carelessnes on ebay - of course no more than he deserves

  10. I know a Police Civil Employee who liases very closley with E-bay. She monitors all items that relate to the Force she works for and takes appropriate action if the item comes into question.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You could for a while buy the LSW version of the cadet L85 with optional sight. Several Sigle shot models were sold in canada before they were banned. Most surplus kit is just that. The MOD orders 400 units of an item and actually needs 200. The remaining sit in storage till required for replacement or are sold off as surplus. This is how CS95 etc gets into the high street. the only illegal act is a soldier selling his issued kit that he has on charge and then going diffy! I can get just about anything from a jet aircraft to a tank with rifles and grenades in between all legit. In fact I own several unusual ancillary bags that a defence contractor was paid to produce for a trial, store and again paid to dispose of. I was gifted them as they were unusual cammo pattern and the storing agent felt they wouldnt sell well at surplus so as he knew I hunted they came my way. So much is wasted and money spent storing Bedford RL and Austin Gipsys in warehoused on old airfields that you would be surprised. The real teal leafing professionals were the lads at Central Ordanance who would have an empty hanger go alight while they sold the 1944 genuine kabrit smocks through a specialised dealer. Most if not damn near all that is around nowadays has been disposed off legit or so many times since that a trail would be impossible. i recently gave a SUIT sight to a friend to go with his KIWI SLR, lucky sod.
    anyone fancy lightning jet parts as I'm sure they are around still. remember we sell the natives our old kit to deplete our old stock of spares!

    More stuff is burnt or binned than ever sold! Thats the real crime!

    By the way the arms and explosives would be de act or handled through a dealer before the bizzies visit!
  12. Same as they thought when they shipped my Traser watch probably.
  13. items been removed so maybe someones had a chat