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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by deerhunter, Dec 19, 2007.

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  1. OK I know there is a sticky about all things Ebay, but I'm after some key advice here, and do not want to trawl through 88 pages of the other one to possibly find what I'm looking for. Mods I'm happy for this to go in the Ebay sticky in due course, but only once it has seen some daylight.

    I bought an item from Ebay, which was advertised with a photo. The photo is of an original item, the item I received was an obvious copy.

    I sent the guy, a business seller, an e-mail which effectively read to that effect, and added that, while I accept that everyone has to make a few bob, he has pushed his luck on this occasion.

    He agreed to refund the cost of the item if I sent it back. My thought then was that he should pay my postage for him to ship the item to me, and also the return postage to him, and that I should not be out of pocket in any way. I e-mailed this to him to be told that he was offering a refund of item cost only, less postage - he used that line "I cannot say fairer than that".

    I am pretty fucking angry now. I would, if he were not living three hours' away, and if I were not a rational bloke, batter him. What I plan to do however, is offer him two options:

    1. Pay me all costs by paypal and receive the item back. He can then sell it to some other cunt at leisure.

    2. Do not do the above and I will "ask seller a question" for every one of his auctions from now on which will read "why did you try to deliberately sell me goods that were fakes then refuse realistic refund options?" I'm not arsed about giving him negative feedback, few people read it unless it is a high percentage.

    But that is too tame.

    I'm not interested in the money any more, and I want to fuck him over properly. There are some bad men in the Naafi Bar, with more experience of these things than I. Guys, what can I do to him, legally, to completely wreck his business on the site?
  2. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    How did you pay him?
  3. Paypal.
  4. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    You can open a dispute with paypal and put all the details down when you open it. This will wise up the paypal/ebay 'authority', think you can also open a dispute with ebay proper. Then there's the small claims court. I think you can log a case against him very easily (i.e. via the web for a small amount), if he's selling fakes the last place he'll want his name or company name is at court...that's leaving serious tracks.

    When this happened to me I sent the item to trading standards to deal with. Lost my item, no refund, but....
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ...would have thought the answer was obvious if he is passing off copied goods as original.... :wink: Many parties have issues with counterfeit retail goods, but you would have to be more specific e.g. false Gucci handbag, call Gucci UK (see, I even have an idea of your purchasing tastes) :wink:

    If you can be bothered to push the issue of course....
  6. That won't have the desired effect. Buyers can't see the questions asked, unless the seller chooses to post the question.

    Just e-mail bidders on any of his items.

    Or County Court. In which case, you've accepted his offer to supply the Gucci item for a small amount, so damages are for the cost of the Gucci item plus costs.

    He's quite likely dealt with thousands of irate punters, will have a mail forwarding address, multiple identities, etc..

    E-Bay does nothing to discourage fraudulent sellers, they're happy to take a percentage of the fraudsters' loot.
  7. I know a guy in the same situation, he bought a signed photo, which when received, turned out to be a scanned photo with a scanned signature, paint shopped together. He got the Feck you pill off the seller, so my mate got in contact with the legal representatives of the person in the picture, who are now fukcing the seller over for breach of copyright, copyright theft, the whole shamena! That should learn him. Try that
  8. 1. get your hands on the amount offered thus far but be careful not to agree its in "full and final settlement";

    2. once you have the proferred money, ask "what about the remainder?"

    3. open the dispute as mentioned above.
  9. I had a problem with non delivery of goods and no communication from the seller when I questioned/mailed him about it. I watched what he was selling and emailed every customer/bidder he had telling them he was useless.....needless to say I received an email from him asking me to stop contacting his customers and after that my goods turned up very pronto :twisted:
  10. PayPal will only re-imburse you the cost of the item and not postage.

    They are FCUKING bastards!!!!!
  11. It was an item of WW1 militaria so this doesn't fit on this occasion. It also wasn't a great deal of money, but it is the principle really, and the fact that his e-mail was quite arrogant.

    I'm actually quite happy with my Gucci handbag mate - it's absolutely divine.
  12. Hello deerhunter,

    you will find a lot of advice on this if you click the "Community" link at the top right on eBay and then go to "Answer Centre" and "Buying",then do a search for "counterfeit".
    There is a chap called Topcat who has been answering questions in there for years and knows pretty much everything about eBay,I am sure he could advise you better than I could.

    You should open a dispute with PayPal to get your money back and one with eBay too,selling fakes is a violation of their terms and conditions and they are arguably commiting a crime if they knowingly allow it to happen on their site.

    Reporting the seller to trading standards and possibly the police is also a good idea.

    As Onetap said,questions only show up if the seller wants them to.
    You may be surprised to learn how important feedback is.
    Some will trawl through pages of it to check someone out.

    If you leave a negative you may get one back in return though,I am not sure what the rules are in that case but I would avoid risking one on my own account.
    You could promise to leave a positive if he gives you a refund and leaves a positive.
    If he agrees,open the disputes and leave a negative AFTER he gives you the money and the positive.
    If he is selling fakes,eBay should terminate his account.

    As a former powerseller with two accounts,both with perfect positive feedback records,I take feedback very seriously,always check feedback thoroughly on everyone you trade with on eBay.
    Does this seller have any other negatives?


    Edited because I could not get the link to work.
  13. Tangosix and others, thanks for the help and advice.

    The guy has got a couple of negatives, plus two negatives retracted.

    He also has at least one comment to the effect that "this was not the same item as in the photo". He has subsequently used the photograph to sell similar items, clearly not a one-off sale.
  14. Just do what some little slag hore bitch did to me. Get loads of your mates to join ebay then buy everything he's selling then don't pay for it. I hope the little fcuking slag has been raped by 50 muslims with massive cocks.
  15. I just got a negative from some c@nt because I gave him one.

    I purchased a DVD, which he did not have in stock - emailed me to ask if I would consider another DVD instead. Eventually it arrived and then I received a sleazy email offering me a deal if I left positive feedback.

    I refused.

    So he gabve me a negative saying I refused to communicate!

    I have raised a compliant with ebay, but expect a rubbish response. I did note however that on can make some form of stat dec to ebay requesting removal of the negative.

    Unfortunately, this pr@ck is a power seller ( over 44,000 items sold) - I guess ebay will back him

    Any suggestions?