eBay Reigistration Address

I've just moved between BFPO addresses.

At the last BFPO address I was able to register the BFPO Number as my registration, payment and postage address for eBay and PayPal.

Now, when I try to change the BFPO Number on my eBay addresses, it bins me off - presumably because it is not a recognised post code.

I've no idea why it would let me register my last BFPO Number address but not this one.

Is there a way around this ARRSERS..??

Mate I've had this problem too. Wrote to ebay and they fobbed me off three times. Make a complaint. And when you make a purchase write directly to the seller and ask them to send to your new address. As you've paid by then all of them I've requested have said yes no problems.
sandy_boots said:
Call eBay - 020 8080 2100
Fcuk me, feebay has a phone number, I bet that's a premium rate.

I can just picture it now, 5.00GBP to speak to an Indian Call Centre employee, 10.00GBP to speak to an automated voice and 30.00GBP to speak to a chavy human being who doesn't know his/her ARRSE from his/her elbow.

If you don't get through to someone the first time, can you re-dial again for no charge. 8O
I had this problem in Cyprus. My PayPal reg expired and as my credit card was registered to a BFPO they wouldn't accept it.

If you have any accounts/cards registered to a UK address (parents etc) use these.

This will also reduce dramas when coming back home as you are viewed as an immigrant for being out of the UK for 3 years, even though I had been serving Queen and country and drinking brandy sours.
I have no probems with using BFPO as the postcode on EBay or PayPal for that matter. I have to add London as the county though and United Kingdom as the country, but items always get to me.

I have also just added the Telic BFPO as an additional address for my 6 month hols and that was accepted no problem as well.

Bizarre :?

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