eBay private feedback users be warned!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. Any eBay member who turns their feedback private is in for a nasty shock:

    Members who have private Feedback profiles will no longer be allowed to list items after this change is made. Only members with public Feedback profiles will be permitted to list items.
    • Any items listed before the change will not be impacted. However, they may not be re-listed by sellers who keep their Feedback profiles private.
    • Members who wish to make their Feedback profiles private can still do so. However, they must cancel any existing listings, and they will not be allowed to create new listings as long as their Feedback is private.
  2. First I've heard of it, but then again I've never understood the idea behind private feedback anyway.........unless you're buying something really kinky that is!
  3. eBay have stated the reasons behind the move :

    eBay offers the ability for members to make their Feedback private as an option when they have significant concerns about a comment. They can hide their comments in this way until they are able to resolve the issue. (Read about Mutual Feedback Withdrawal).

    Buyers should have all the information available about their prospective sellers' past trading histories. This helps them make knowledgeable choices about doing business with that seller. Prohibiting members with private Feedback profiles from listing items will ensure we help maintain a safe and well-lit marketplace.
  4. Have you noticed the "feedback" to Tony form/ad at the bottom of this page? 89,000+ can't be wrong can they?
  5. Who????
  6. I can never understand eBay's feedback policy period. I recently bought an item which was sent short of a component. The seller would not respond to e-mails over a 10 day period. Because of the low value it wasn't worth going through the dispute procedure so I just left factual negative feedback. The seller immediately responded with abusive negative feedback for me: "SATANS ANSWER TO EBAY, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. SELLERS BEWARE".

    I complained to eBay and got the following response:

    "While I understand your distress at receiving feedback you consider unfair, we can't remove it from your feedback profile.

    Feedback is a member-to-member system. If eBay got involved in feedback disputes, feedback would become eBay's opinion rather than members' opinions. Therefore, eBay will only remove feedback ratings and comments in very limited circumstances.

    Unfortunately, a belief that a comment is untrue, undeserved or left in retaliation is not one of the circumstances in which we'll remove feedback."

    Not impressed!
  7. Right at the bottom of the page. "Say thanks to Tony Blair" :plotting:
  8. It doesn't on my screen. Did you get your computer as a result of donating to the Labour Party????
  9. Not on mine either??????????????????
  10. Does he mean THIS page? Or did he mean to post a link?
  11. I think you can leave a counter-comment below any negative feedback explaining the situation.
  12. Yes you have this option.
  13. You can get feedback removed by mentioning a police investigation in your comment - thats how I got some negative feedback removed.
  14. So long as you can prove it is demamatory you can demand to have it removed. Perhaps a solicitors letter should do the trick, to their UK office?