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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LordVonHarley, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. Due to my Mum selling her house I will no longer be able to take advantage of her shed and attic to store my stuff that I can't fit into my flat. So this weekend I going to wack it all on the net to sell. I tend to use Ebay but I have about tons of books to sell so was thinking about Amazon, any one used them?
  2. Ive sold some through amazon but its not great for a clear out, another site you could try is greenmetropolis but again not great for a big clear out as orders are fairly infrequent.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Or donate to a local charity shop, even quicker.
  5. I've used EBAY for years now both / selling and thought it the best it has a worldwide base for buyers/sellers , easy to use as well

  6. Looking on Amazon they seem to have set postage for books, it seems a bit odd as some of the larger hardbacks will cost more that a paper back.
  7. Amazon can take ages to sell and charge for the privilage - I know it sound obvious but I only sell books thru Amazon
    once advertised they sit there and have no time limit
    Amazon definitly pull in the book buyers more than e-bay

    e-bay you can make a bit extra on the P & P (don't be greedy though)
    It definitly has a bigger audience

    either way neither are good if you are in a rush....

    my advice - go through the kit.. be harsh - select only the best for e-bay and amazon and either 'car boot' or pass on the other bits of kit
    for charity (make you feel better if nothing else :D )
  8. Yeah the set postage rate is annoying, as are the charges they deduct, at times you seem to be selling for a loss, Ive been using greenmetropolis recently because although its a set price you can add extra postage if its a bigger than typical book.
  9. My Mum will be moving in the Summer so no real rush. I can be the best son in the world and set her up with as a cottage industry just need a box of envolopes and loads of stamps :D

    Is Arrse good for selling air rifles/scopes? (my brother in laws, not mine).
  10. Another quick question, why are books more expensive in the US Amazon market place than over here in GB?
  11. Are you signed up to Amazon US? or still on the UK version?

    I sold/advertised a childrens book last year and because I ticked 'sell worldwide' ended up posting it to America - so obviously Amazon advertise on all their websites
    Obviously I got credited more - but it cost me more to post
    (I think I made 7p on the P&P!!)
  12. On the UK Version.
    The books in the US are a good 40% more than UK price (excluding the postage).

    Have you ever used www.sellstudentbooks.com ?