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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by jimbo85, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm new here and joined so I could ask something:

    I've been searching ebay for some surplus kit (for a fancy dress costume...) and came across a couple of things that suprised me as listed, namely a combat helmet with what looks to me (an amateur) like current camo cover, and body armour complete with ballistic panels.

    What are the rules for such items? I've copies links in so you can see what I mean

    british army surplus | eBay
  2. Do you fancy buying a genuine but hard to find Chinese fighting jacket?
  3. You need to speak to Bravo_Bravo. He wears an Army costume regularly.
  4. Jarrod searches the internet all the time for helmet, though I suspect that it's for another reason.
  5. Lol thanks for the replies guys, although I'm looking to ceate something like this: Plastic-Army-Man.jpg

    Any serious replies though?
  6. Your house must be tiny!
  7. You are allowed to sell any of your kit or other peoples kit as long as you don't get caught. I sold my kids on ebay to a priest.
  8. Fally, I meant to send you feedback. The little one split and the bigger one can pick locks. To be honest, I am not going to buy any more from you.
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  9. You must want to go as a soviet bloc soldier and brass up all the civilians!!
  10. I sold mine to the Pikeys (they threw a dag in with the deal)
  11. Just kill them.