Ebay listing - so tempting to add.......................

Words are missing to boost sale

Am bored, and am soooo tempted to add - "as smoked by SAS/PARA/SBS" - would i get away with it - and also end up as a possible winner for the Ebay SAS competition as the most stupid thing to sell with the word SAS in the title?

your thoughts please...

its a slow day :D

"Am selling for my grandma, she will use the funds raised to purchase a nice headstone - see my other items for sale."

Selfish bitch, what does she mean purchase a nice headstone? Did she get one for Grandad? I'll bet! Why not use the Woodbine packet as a headstone then? Honestly...
do it! some nonce will buy it!
He died last week, we burried him wednesday. his grave hasnt finished being covered over.

She has no money of her own, all the accounts were in his name and she would like to sell his things to put the money towards a headstone that will look nice.

Was a good wake though and i got a bit pished.

Soldier_5 said:
do it! some nonce will buy it!
this is the sort of stimulating debate i was hoping for - i will come back with......

ah but what about the moral implications of lifting someones hard earned dosh for what is essentially a cardboard box?


Almost as good as someone who once sold a bottle of 'derbyshire spring air' on E-bay and got £50 for it!!! 8O

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