Ebay Knobskull

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gist Hunter, Jul 4, 2013.

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  1. He's / She's flogging Help For Heroes kit with no mention of any cash being passed on and, read the description, 3 times he fails to spell Heroes.

    If you live anywhere near Carlton, Nottinghamshire hunt him/her down and kick them up a height

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  2. Why? They got it from H4H and are now selling it? I won a charity raffle prize and sold it - should I get the same treatment? KNOB!
  3. Wor lass bought a spitz dog,I kept standing on the cunt,so I sold it.I gave her the money,what's the fucking problem?
  4. Not just anyone can copy, its quite an art.

    He's from Nott'nam, give the man a break.
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  5. Oh dear what a pity never mind! This means a baby unicorn will die.
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  6. SuperJB could swing by this crooks house after he's filled Steven Seagull in at Trent Bridge, make it worth the petrol money!
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  7. Ok, gism hunter, name the time and place and I'll be there to kick your cunt in. You fucking bastard.
  8. Now that is likely to be very painful.
  9. Are you ok chap?
  10. I will be once I've kicked the OP's cunt in.
  11. Are you said purveyor of the Hoodie subject of this enquiry?

  12. Is it your listing then?
  13. ^ Hoi, I've just fucking said that!
  14. No, I just wanted to make an appointment to beat up the OP and then suddenly get a job on the rigs when the day arrives.
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  15. Ah, mere gratuitous violence. Perfectly understandable
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