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Ebay items........ again!



That's exactly what it is. It looks as if some 8 yr old has knocked it up. Some mug will buy it.
Lol you can see the "bulge" where he has pushed the cap badge into the wallet, after removing the current one.

Nice touch... 8O
From the item description

"For auction is a very useful Royal Military Police card holder in stout black leather, ideal for containing personal credit and shop cards etc. in its plastic covered compartments. On the outside it has an RMP logo in brass, and on an internal flap is an obsolete GVIR Military Police badge, also in brass (please see photos). This card holder is in perfect condition in spite of being used. I am a retired Redcap NCO myself and have found this little wallet to be ideal for my private cards...(don't worry, I have another one!) I recommend it to any ex-Redcaps, or serving RMPs, who collect such items."

I've never known anyone who was or is currently a member of the RMP to refer to themself as being RMPs
I know of someone who has sold a couple of current warrant card holders for £40+ on ebay. Don't know if they still do but they used to sell like hot cakes. And know it wasn't me.

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