eBay item legality

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RifleButts, May 6, 2012.

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  1. there are plenty of items endorsed or sold off over the years, doesnt mean its illegal
  2. Bands do change drums, I beleive the Royal Marimes have just taken a delivery of some new kit. May have been returned to CaMus and sold/ disposed of from there.
  3. Given the price it will probably go back into his attic.
  4. IMHO I don't think there is a problem as long as the correct paperwork is produced. There are a lot of similar items for sale in militaria shops etc. However, if it is not legal, I am pretty sure that the RMPs will b e aware of this sale as they seem to work closely with ebay on such issues.
  5. Many of the old drums get presented to people in various roles, I have seen it at a few units over the years.

    Price is a bit steep but I hope he sells it.

    Are you the new fleabay police? Who gives a **** what people are selling? If it's illegal then they will have their collars felt.
  6. 21 quid for a box.....its amazing the desperation there is
  7. Would have thought it better to go to their HHQ, with a plaque stating who presented by, that would last longer than the money.
  8. MOD Plod do all the eBay stuff.
  9. I suppose you could buy a cheap copy medal and put it in the original box and sell it as the real deal. :)
  10. Oh right. I thought it was the RMPs as I got a letter off them when I purchased something of ebay which had apparently had been pinched and they wanted a statement off me.
  11. I would get a chocolate coin and attach some ribbon to it and put it in the box.

    Wish I qualified for this medal now, could have made a couple of 100 or so.