EBAY - Interesting sales pitch.



I actually read her listing too and found this:

all clothing items worn by female who is 5ft 6" and 37 26 37 to give an idea of the fit on yourself

if you have any questions regarding size or other aspect of any item please do contact us by ebay messaging service, email on amazingmaggie@hotmail.co.uk OR my preferred method of communication is by phone, on 07984 537413

So Mags has a fit body, email and phone number, who's up for ringing/emailing her for some other choice photos?
You can make easy money on ebay especially if your lass as a few pair of old flat shoes hanging about.

Just put "well worn" into ebay search and you will be quite surprised what comes up.

I sold a manky old pair of trainers to a French pervert for £35.00, he even sent me an e mail to ask me not to wash them ! Never laughed so much in my life.

Here's an example, Trashed well worn boots *private* on eBay (end time 28-Nov-10 17:27:05 GMT)

See the price? Get your lasses shoes flogged, soon be chrimbo.

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